Version 3


    We have added the ability to choose which stages are shown in the idea tile (download new attachment).


    Under the new "Display Stages" category in the tile configuration view, list the stages that you would like to display in a comma delimited format:



    Attached is an idea tile add on that allows users in a community to vote on ideas within the tile view. This improves the user experience by reducing the amount of clicks it takes for users to engage in community ideas.


    The tile references the settings you have configured in the "manage stages" segment of the ideas admin console. This way, the changes you make in the admin console are directly reflected in the tile. The results are as follows:




    Our next updates will include a "preview" or "view more" for the ideas that exceed the maximum character limit in the description. We will also look at creating dynamic filters within the tile, so users can modify their view without admin intervention.


    This has been an awesome addition for us, hopefully it helps you too! Let us know what you think