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    Platinum Support Program | Platinum Services



    Aurea Platinum Support includes one Unlimited Kickstart per year. With each Unlimited Kickstart, you will have the opportunity to evaluate, test, and utilize any Unlimited product in a demo environment.


    Recommended Frequency

    Platinum Support includes one (1) Unlimited Kickstart annually.



    All Platinum Support members are eligible for one Unlimited Kickstart per year.  Note that this service applies only to Unlimited-eligible products.


    Customer Inputs

    Inputs will be required from the customer specific to the selected product.  The request for the inputs will be sent to the customer once the service request is submitted.



    An Unlimited Kickstart typically takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete.



    • Stock Configuration Installation: Install a stock configuration of our product in a staging environment or provide access to our SaaS environment so that users can utilize the application for evaluation and testing purposes.
      • The majority of the stock configuration installation process is done via monitored scripts that unpack, configure and deploy Aurea products. Stock configurations come with the most common features and capabilities enabled, and include detailed guides as to additional features which may be configured/ made available in an actual production deployment. Aurea tests the stock configuration for capability correctness upon completion of the installation.
    • Training:  Aurea provides training materials necessary to support administrative users.
      • Aurea provides training materials including documentation, webinars, and white papers, and will provide a one-hour conference call to cover customer-specific product questions.
    • Scoping: Execute a standard scoping exercise to help you understand the impact of proceeding with live production deployment of the application.
      • The Unlimited Kickstart scoping process is designed to provide our customers with a high-level perspective on what it will take to customize, integrate, and deploy the product into a production environment including:
        • Capability / feature selection
        • Integrations overview
        • Performance  and Scalability needs assessment
        • Workflow customization and change management


    Request an Unlimited Kickstart

    You can request an Unlimited Kickstart by logging a Service Ticket in the Aurea Support Portal at

    • Refer to the Screenshot of the Service Ticket entry screen below.
      1. Once in the portal, click AUREA SUPPORT, then LOG A SERVICE TICKET.
      2. Enter Subject:  "Platinum Services Request: Unlimited Kickstart".
      3. Select Service Type:  "Unlimited Kickstart".
      4. Provide other required information.
      5. Provide the following information in the Description:
        • Aurea product(s) you currently use.
        • Aurea product you want to try out as part of your Unlimited benefit.
        • Top three business use cases for considering this product.
        • The number of expected users of this product in the production environment.
        • Your primary contact person that will coordinate the Unlimited Kickstart project.

    Screenshot of the Service Ticket entry screen:


    Next Steps:

    • Platinum Services will respond to your request within 1 business day.
    • A Project Manager or Delivery Manager will contact you to schedule the Unlimited Kickstart project.



    The following are frequently asked questions about Unlimited Kickstart:


    Is my company eligible for an Unlimited Kickstart?

    • All Aurea Platinum Support members are eligible for one Unlimited Kickstart per year.


    How do I request an Unlimited Kickstart?

    • You can request an Unlimited Kickstart by logging a Service Ticket in the Aurea Support Portal at  Refer to the "Request an Unlimited Kickstart section for details.