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    Platinum Support Program | Platinum Services


    Platinum Services Delivery Process Overview and Timelines

    Services are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Attempts will be made to accommodate customer needs.  Lead times are needed to schedule and engage technical resources.




    All Other Platinum Support Services



    Platinum Services Delivery Process

    Service Request
    Service Request ProcessingProcess Received Request

    • Ensures request is valid

    • Verifies initial scheduling request is reasonable

    Platinum Admin Support1 day
    Gather InputsShare Input Templates• Shares the input templates with the customer based on the type of Aurea Platinum Service requestedPlatinum Project Manager1 day
    Provides Inputs• Completes the input documents and sends back to the Aurea Platinum team via the Aurea Support Portal
    • Provide brief  write-up to address items that are not part of the template
    Customer1 week
    Validate Inputs• Validates that all inputs are available and in the right format.
    • Works with the customer for any missing information
    Platinum Consultant1 week
    Upgrade AssessmentDetermine Upgrade Scope

    • Perform gap analysis



    • Analyze customizations

    Platinum Consultant1-2 days
    Schedule ProjectCommunicate Project Details• Schedules kick-off  with customer. As part of the kick-off, the Platinum Project Manager will provide following details to the customer
      - A detailed description of deliverables
      - Project plan with milestones
      - Project status communication format
      - List of dependencies and due date including environments and access needs
      - Names of Platinum Consultants who would require access to customer environment
      - Escalation path
    • Begins resource allocation and schedules the work
    Platinum Project Manager2-5 Days
    (Service Dependent)
    Communicate Start Date• Schedules and communicates the start date (tentative timeline) to the customer.Platinum Project Manager1 day
    Lead Time
    Resources AllocationSchedule Project ResourcesLead times are needed to schedule and engage technical resources.Platinum Project Manager

    Upgrade: 4-6 weeks

    Others:  2-4 weeks

    Project Delivery
    Project ExecutionCustomer Environment and Resource Allocation (Service Dependent)

    • Provisions environment and/or provides access to the Platinum consultant (Service dependent)

    • Allocates resources to perform the customer activities (e.g. validation) needed for the service

    Platinum ConsultantService Dependent
    Service Execution

    • Once all customer input and environment access (if needed) are available, Aurea Platinum team starts  work.

    • Work with the customer to resolve any issues

    Customer1 week
    Communicate Status• Provides weekly email update to the customer
    • Schedule meetings only to resolve issues or address escalations
    Platinum Project ManagerWeekly
    Deliver Results• Delivered results via Aurea Support PortalPlatinum Consultant1 day
    Sign-OffDelivery Validation• Validates the results provided by Aurea Platinum Services teamCustomer1 - 3 weeks (Service Dependent)
    Customer Feedback• Gathers feedback from the customer and works with Platinum Consultants to incorporate any changesPlatinum Project Manager1 week
    Verify Success• Validates the success of the Platinum Services deliveryCSMMonthly CSM Meeting