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    Platinum Support Program | Platinum Services



    Your Aurea CRM application is upgraded to the latest software version.


    Recommended Frequency

    Platinum Support includes one (1) Managed Upgrade per year.



    All Aurea CRM customers with Platinum Support for On-Premise are eligible for the Managed Upgrade.


    Required Customer Inputs

    • All information required in the service request is provided
    • Access to a development or staging environment


    Platinum Team Final Outputs

    • You have latest version of Aurea CRM running on a development or staging environment, with instructions for installation in other environments.


    Process Overview

    • You submit a request for a Managed Upgrade, and provide required customer inputs
    • Platinum Services:
      • Performs Managed Upgrade assessment and planning activities
      • Installs the upgrade to a development/staging environment,  and conducts testing
      • Provides materials needed for your team to deploy the upgrade in other environments
      • Production Readiness Check: Evaluates your production readiness setup including your deployment plan and operations and administration procedures
        • Deliverable:Readiness certificate or list of gaps with recommendations for addressing them.
    • Your team installs the Aurea CRM upgrade to production and other environments
    • Platinum Services provides support for any issue that can be replicated in the environment where the Managed Upgrade was initially installed



    The following scope exclusions apply.

    • No Access:  If access to a development/staging environment cannot be provided to Platinum Services, a paid engagement will be required.  This engagement would be for Aurea to provide upgrade assistance via screen sharing.
    • Multiple Environment Assistance:  If Platinum Services assistance is needed to upgrade other environments, or to help resolve upgrade issues in other environments, a paid engagement would be required.



    A typical Managed Upgrade for Aurea CRM to a development/staging environment requires 4-8 weeks.


    Process Detail

    The following is a more detailed description of the delivery process.

    Upgrade RequestCreate Request Case• Submits case in Aurea Support PortalCustomerN/A
    Respond to Request

    • Acknowledges receipt

    • Works with customer to get required Managed Upgrade  information

    • Informs customer the Platinum Project Manager  follow-up within one (1) business day

    Platinum Consultant1 day
    Formally Acknowledge Request

    • Emails customer acknowledging receipt of the Platinum Service Request

    • Provides high-level overview of next steps

    Platinum Project Manager

    1 day
    Project Set UpSet-up Project Framework

    • Creates a project in an AureaWorks support group

    • Posts initial project documents to the project space

    Platinum Consultant2 days
    Test Case Verification Verify Test Cases in Dev/Staging Environment• Runs test cases provided by customer against the Dev/Staging Environment provided by the customerPlatinum Consultant2 days
    Upgrade PreparationStage Upgrade Files

    • Downloads upgrade files and transfer to Dev/Staging Environment

    2 days
    Back-up Configuration Files• Performs back-ups of installation folder structure holding configuration files
    Upgrade Delivery
    Upgrade Dev/Staging Environment

    • Upgrades development or staging environment

    • Re-apply settings as needed

    Platinum Consultant3-6 weeks
    Test• Performs testing
    Fix Issues and Retest• Fixes issues as needed and retests
    Upgrade HandoffDeliver Upgrade Resources

    • Provides materials needed to perform upgrades to Production and other environments

    Evaluates your production readiness setup including your deployment plan and operations and administration procedures and provides the readiness certificate or the list of gaps with recommendations for addressing them.


    Request an Upgrade

    You can request an upgrade by logging a Service Ticket in the Aurea Support Portal at

    • Refer to the Screenshot of the Service Ticket entry screen below.
      1. Once in the portal, click AUREA SUPPORT, then LOG A SERVICE TICKET
      2. Enter Subject:  "Platinum Services Request: Managed Upgrade"
      3. Select Service Type:  "Managed Upgrade"
      4. Provide other required information
      5. Provide the following information in the Description:
      • Earliest Start Date
        • Ideal Start Date
        • Deadline Date for Completion
        • Reason for the Deadline Date
        • Acknowledgement that access to development/staging system will be provided
        • List of Customizations

    Screenshot of the Service Ticket entry screen:


    Next Steps:

    • Platinum Services will respond to your request within 1 business day
    • You will receive an upgrade questionnaire to complete and return
    • A Project Manager will contact you to get the project started




    The following are frequently asked questions about the Platinum Services Managed Upgrade.


    Is my company eligible for a Managed Upgrade?

    • All Platinum Support members with on-premise installations are eligible for one (1) Managed Upgrade per year.

    How do I request a Managed Upgrade?

    • You can request an upgrade by creating a case in the Aurea Support Portal at to the "Request a Managed Upgrade" section for details.

    What are our responsibilities for a Managed Upgrade?

    • A completed Managed Upgrade questionnaire must be provided.
    • Provide access to a development/staging environment.
    • Timely assignment of resources.

    How long will a Managed Upgrade take?

    • A typical Aurea CRM Manged Upgrade to a development/staging environment requires about 4-8 weeks.

    Can Platinum Services upgrade all my environments?

    • As a paid engagement, yes.  Platinum  Support membership includes a Managed Upgrade for one (1) development/staging environment per year only.