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    Platinum Support Program | Platinum Services



    Your Aurea Messenger implementation is brought up to date using Best Practice Methodology with the latest features and technology.


    Recommended Frequency

    Annual Managed Upgrades are recommended.



    All Platinum Support members with on-premise Aurea Messenger platforms are eligible for the Managed Upgrade.


    Required Customer Inputs

    • All information requested by the Platinum Upgrade Group in the service request is provided in a timely manner
    • Access to development or staging environment with Read and Write privileges


    Platinum Team Final Outputs

    • You will have an implementation of the most current version of Aurea Messenger using your configuration and implementation running in your development or staging environment.
    • You will receive a Playbook, with step by step instructions based on the successful single environment upgrade, to enable you to perform the upgrade for your other environments.


    Process Overview

    • You submit a request for a Managed Upgrade in the support portal
    • We provide a set of questionnaires and documents to be completed by you
    • You provide a timely response using the supplied documents
    • Platinum Services will then:
      • Perform an upgrade assessment and the planning activities
      • Implement the upgrade in a development or staging environment and with non-functional tests
      • Provides a Playbook with materials needed for your team to implement the upgrade in your other environments
    • Your team implements the Aurea Messenger upgrade, following the provided Playbook, to your other environments such as Production
    • Platinum Services provides support for the issues that can be replicated in the environment in which we implemented the upgrade



    The following scope exclusions apply.

    • No Access:  If access to a development or staging environment cannot be provided to Platinum Services, a paid engagement will be required.  This engagement would be for Aurea to provide upgrade assistance via screen sharing.
    • Multiple Environment Assistance:  If Platinum Services assistance is needed to upgrade other environments or to help resolve upgrade issues in other environments, a paid engagement would be required.
    • Customized Plugins or Services:   Only out-of-the-box plugins and services will be upgraded. If customized plugins or services need to be upgraded as indicated by failing the non-functional testing then a paid engagement would be required.



    • Once Access is established and all documentation has been processed, the On-premise Aurea Messenger upgrade of a development or staging environment typically takes 2 weeks.


    • It could be longer if the infrastructure is very large, but that will be discussed during the evaluation and assessment phase prior to starting the upgrade.


    Process Detail

    The following is a more detailed description of the delivery process.

    Upgrade RequestCreate Request Case• Submit case in customer's Aurea Messenger support portalCustomerN/A
    Respond to Request

    • Acknowledge receipt

    • Work with customer to get required upgrade questionnaires and documents

    • Inform customer that the Platinum Project Manager will be in touch within 1 day

    Platinum Consultant1 day
    Acknowledge Request Formally

    • Email customer acknowledging receipt of the Platinum Service Request

    • Provide a high-level overview of the next steps

    Platinum Project Manager

    1 day
    Project Set UpSet Up Project Framework

    • Create a project in an AureaWorks support group

    • Post initial project documents to the project space

    Platinum Consultant2 days
    Upgrade PreparationPrepare for Upgrade

    • Download upgrade documentation files

    Platinum Consultant1 day
    Prepare Environment for Upgrade

    • Download the most recent version of the software from the Support Portal Download Site

    • Place downloaded software in a location on the host of the Primary Domain Manager to be upgraded

    Upgrade Delivery
    Backup Configuration Files• Perform backups of installation folder structure holding configuration filesPlatinum Consultant1 - 2 weeks
    Upgrade a Development
    or a Staging Environment

    • Upgrade development or staging environment

    • Re-apply settings as needed

    Test• Perform non-functional testing
    Fix Issues and Retest• Solve or document issues as needed for standard components and perform a series of retests
    Upgrade Hand-offDeliver Upgrade ResourcesProvides materials in the form of a Playbook to be used  for the upgrade of other environments
    such as Production
    Post Execution
    Upgrade Hand-offCreate Playbook• Consolidate detailed notes taken during the upgrade process and create a step-by-step PlaybookPlatinum Consultant2 days
    Deliver Playbook

    • Review of Playbook

    • Submission of changes or clarification in the Playbook

    Review change request and review

    Discuss changes or classifications

    Make changes to the Playbook, as agreed

    Deliver final Playbook

    Customer and

    Platinum Consultant


    2 days


    On-call support• Available for on-call support of PlaybookPlatinum ConsultantMax 1 week

    Request an Upgrade

    You can request an upgrade by creating a request case in the Aurea Support Portal at

    • Enter case title:  "[Customer Name] - Platinum Services Request: Managed Upgrade
    • Provide the following information in the Description:
      • Current Aurea Messenger Version
      • Earliest Start Date
      • Ideal Start Date
      • Deadline Date for Completion
      • Reason for the Deadline Date
      • Acknowledge that access to a development or staging system will be provided

    Next Steps:

    • Platinum Services will respond to your request within 1 business day
    • You will receive an upgrade questionnaire to complete and return
    • A Project Manager will contact you to get the project started



    The following are frequently asked questions about the Platinum Services Managed Upgrade.

    • Is my company eligible for a Managed Upgrade?
      • All Platinum Support members with on-premise installations are eligible for the Managed Upgrade.
    • How do I request a Managed Upgrade?
      • You can request an upgrade by creating a request case in the Aurea Support Portal at to the Request an Upgrade section for details.
    • What are our responsibilities for a Managed Upgrade?
      • A completed upgrade questionnaire must be provided.
      • Provide access to a development/staging environment.
      • Timely assignment of resources.
    • How long will a Managed Upgrade take?
      • On-premise Aurea Messenger upgrades of a development/staging environment typically take a week.
    • Can Platinum Services upgrade all my environments?
      • As a paid engagement, yes.  Platinum Membership includes an upgrade of one development or staging environment only.