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    Issue Encountered: ETL process is failing everyday with the following error: 'Task: ProjectETL : Invalid year value'


    Hosted, Cloud

    Expected Result

    • ETL process runs automatically, successfully every day.

    Actual Result

    • ETL process fails every day with the error, 'Task: ProjectETL : Invalid year value'


    • As the error indicates, the issue is with an invalid year value and the failing task is of the Projects.


    • Correct the invalid year value in the Database (under projects)


    • Run the following query on Analytic Database.

    SELECT projectID, latestStatusID, dueDateNull, startDate, dueDate, creationDate, modificationDate, parentObjectType, parentObjectID, userID, status FROM jiveProject ORDER BY projectID;

    • Check for timestamps of Project Start Date/End Date that stands out from the rest.
    • Get the projectID(xxxx) of those projects
    • Run the following query on Analytic Database.

    SELECT * FROM jiveproject WHERE projectid=xxxx;

    • Once you have the Project name, navigate to the project on the front end.
    • The click Manage > Settings > About and check what is set for the Project Start Date/End Date. (sample image)
    Project's 'About'
    • Correct any invalid/incorrect 'Year' entries in the dates.


    • You can also check on the projects having the last modified on the date(ETL started failing from next day of modification date)