Version 1

    New Features and Enhancements in Jive 2018.1

    Here are the new features and enhancements in this release:


    ComponentImprovement IDImprovement Title
    Cloud Core + Add-onsJIVESPECS-105Improvements to make Jive GDPR compliant
    Jive Search - K2JVSRCH-88, JVSRCH-220, JVSRCH-214, JVSRCH-212, JVSRCH-211, JVSRCH-26Jive Search related improvements
    Jive Enterprise Solutions (JENSO)JVSINTG-384, JVSINTG-1150Box Integration - User permission and Nested folders support
    Jive for SharepointJVSINTG-29SharePoint 2016 Support
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-444Event Count Limitation
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-435, JVPBOX-429, JVPBOX-420, JVPBOX-416, JVPBOX-411Advanced Quest Configuration (Recurring Quest Events, Repeatable Quests, Complete Quest Events in Order, Targeted Quest Support for Completed Quests, 'OR' Operator for Quest Events)
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-406User Activity Log for Admins
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-401Renaming & Translating Missions and Strategies
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-391Credit/Debit Points by Importing a CSV file
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-379Editing Mission Events
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-9Playbox Engine upgrade to use Kafka 0.9
    Jive DailyJVMBL-88Compatibility with iOS11 SDK
    Jive AnalyticsJVANLT-684Community Health Report in Community Analytics
    Jive AnalyticsJVANLT-666Places Activity Report
    Jive AnalyticsJVANLT-695

    Enhancement to filter Personal Insights by a date range


    Fixed Issues in Jive 2018.1

    Here are the bug fixes in this release:


    ComponentIssue IDIssue Title
    AnalyticsJVANLT-556Tornado Mobile metadata appears in keywords field from DES Actions
    AnalyticsJVANLT-623DES not filtering by Web.SessionId
    AnalyticsJVANLT-632Privacy Settings are not respected - Impacted Metrics
    Jive for OutlookJVSINTG-1939Outlook tab on the Social bar isn't being populated
    Jive for OutlookJVSINTG-1942Create via outlook is changing alphabetic lists to numerical lists after posting
    Jive for OutlookJVSINTG-2026Unable to convert an email containing special characters in the title to a discussion using Jive for Outlook
    Jive for OutlookJVSINTG-2036Updates are not found when you merge and review the new document version
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1179Fix Dynamic Image Sizing Problem caused by CLOUD-2201 & 4977 & 3850
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1277Custom banner uploaded to place intermittently disappears
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-12782016.3.8 HAZDU update breaks Inbox notification/count indicator
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1328Ideas that are moved from a different space do not appear in recent ideas widget unless the cache is cleared
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1390The City profile field is not visible when the State profile field is empty in profile v2
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1432Unicode characters in a document's subject return errors
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1500"Feature on your profile" option is missing for ideas
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1522Cannot create a connection to SharePoint
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1523Inline comment's thumbnail image broken
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1541Updates To Manager Relationships via API Not Reflected In The UI
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1566Error "Missing attribute on fo:basic-link" when generating PDF
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1568Edge: View an Uploaded/Recorded video - showing a black video and "can't be decoded" error
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1572Incorrect Video alignment in document viewer tile
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1575Image Insert and Alignment aren't considered
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1609Records Retention: Failing jobs cause issues
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1612Announcement expiration states the start and end date timestamps as same
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1697Sharepoint collections are not available for configuration to all users in the user group
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1886Getting Started: Connecting with colleagues scroll bar malformed
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1892Admin of a permission group with full access permission cannot administer the group if the admin already has a non-full access permission from another group
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1939Shared blogs do not respect filters/sorting on the place content page
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1940Create blog by email allows restricted words to be used in the title
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1944jive_content_redesign.css causes issues with user scaled images when an external CSS is used in responsive view
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1962Duplicate moderation notification emails are generated if the content is edited before being moderated
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-1972Accessing content by mixed case disables content evolution
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2010Carousel images are not being deleted from statics
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2023Private events do not generate emails for invites
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2044Text extraction errors in content replay from webApp
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2059Content email notification includes the link but fails to download the image
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2132News Stream's Create Profile field Filter does not return all values when more than 100 unique results are returned
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2137"Sort by last name" missing on people > followers/following pages
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2173RSS feed is using relative links for external sources
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2178Nested table surfaces grey border
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2208Email vCards do not include the vCard attachment
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2224Inbox - Inconsistencies between alert icon and inbox tab count
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2292Inviting group members with wrong cased emails breaks invite
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2485The Events tab in a group doesn't display all Events
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2494Users with "Create" Permissions Only receives RBOD on Document Publish
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2520Gamification Status Level Icons are oversized on Status Level Comments
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2521Disable audit logging for Run-As API calls
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2609Unable to delete a tile with an image
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2740REST API allows spaces in the displayName field, which breaks Blog Posts
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2779Responsive: Video gets displayed incorrectly when the video size is bigger than the mobile screen size
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2798PNG files not permitted in Hero tile
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2830Responsive: Image collections sort date link overlaps when page shrunk
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2920Unable to publish links in Rich Text Editor on the Overview page when Activity is set as the Landing Page
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2950External Contributor set as Group Admin gets emails for regular user membership requests
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-2972Manager Direct Report count incorrect after user deactivation
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3048Links in Helpful Links, Key Dates, Featured People and Super List tiles always open in a new window or tab
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3080Members cannot leave a public unrestricted group if converted from a membership-based group
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3115Users with 'Manage Users' permission can see the delete link
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-31332016.3.10.2 - Reuters - Jive inbox intermittently reversing changes to read / unread items
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3200Recent activity widget label text does not appear correct within wider columns
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3221Content Evolution Enabled - Uploaded file with special characters in file name fails to download
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3285Inconsistent sizing of images when scaled to 1:1 size in Rich Text Editor
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3286Rich Text Editor v2: Creating a table using HTML editor strips border
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3288Tables are not rendered correctly in shared content inbox entry
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3315Formatted Text Widget content editor gets cut off in Chrome and Internet Explorer 9
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3596Customized text in a group @mention for a status update is not saved
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3623Thumbnails in tiles on the main news/activity pages link to the thumbnail image instead of the shown content
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3667Tables floated right are displayed differently in edit and published views
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3687Content sets tile begins from a "searching" status even when no search term has been entered
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3689Admin console gamification: Send Tags radio button do not match the sysprop setting
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3694The creator of the event is not notified when an event is modified
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3750HTML tile does not display the uploaded image
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3758Both City and State profile fields are need to be populated for either to show
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3800Personal Insights align left if site is set to fixed width
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3818Carousel Tile Inconsistent rendering
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3897Content in moderation can be shared before approval
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3945Guest (profile v1 & v2) and Other user (profile v1) cannot see Last Logged In and Member Since fields
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3982Links to comments break once threaded comments are converted to flat
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-3993Likes and Rating on News page
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-4660ExStorageMemberEntitlementUpdateNotifier task fails due to duplicate key violation
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-479RBOD - Ideas are not editable when the message governor interceptor is enabled
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-481Images in formatted text widget aren't sized correctly in Internet Explorer
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-831OpenSearch results show escaped special characters
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-988TinyMCE Spellchecker providing wrong suggestions
    Jive DailyJVMBL-116Android > Banner tile > one image banner tile size
    Jive DailyJVMBL-125Jive Daily Login Issues
    Jive DailyJVMBL-211Android: Banner tiles do not resolve when linked to space pages
    Jive DailyJVMBL-261Helpful link tile URL mapping throws error
    Jive DailyJVMBL-362Viewing documents with border property set to '0' allow table borders to show
    Office 365JVSINTG-319Sharepoint Add-on suddenly stopped working
    ResonataJVIA-314Drill down on negative sentiment adds a positive filter
    ResonataJVIA-34JIA (Resonata) data missing - PHX&AMS env
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-471Unable to delete a Jive group connected to Gdrive if a Jive community manager is a group member
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-74Unable to use StreamOnce Integration after changing the domain of a user
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-381Duplicates of an email id exists
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-382An email id in the CSV file could not be resolved to a user in the community
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-383CSV file is not in the given format
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-384Non-CSV file is uploaded
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-385CSV file upload fails