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    This list is current as of 2018-07-18


    # Outcomes

    outcomes.actionButton.label = Actions

    outcomes.unknownError = An unexpected error has occurred.  It may be helpful to reload the page and retry your action.

    outcomes.reply.actionButton.label = Actions

    outcomes.badgeContainer.ariaLabel = Outcome badges

    outcomes.summaryContainer.ariaLabel = Outcome summary

    outcomes.summary.rollup.inContext = Show in context

    outcomes.summary.done = Done

    outcomes.summary.details = Details

    outcomes.actionMenu.emptyMessage = No actions are available



    outcomes.actionMenu.outcomesHeading = Actions:

    outcomes.actionMenu.actionHeading = Manage:


  = Show History

    outcomes.history.title = The history of the action

    outcomes.history.marked = Marked by

    outcomes.history.ownerChanged = <b>Changed owner</b> to = on {0}

    outcomes.history.done = Done



    outcomes.mostLiked.likes_singular = 1 person likes this

    outcomes.mostLiked.likes_plural = {0} people like this

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.comment.edit = Edit

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.comment.delete = Delete

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.message.edit = Edit

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.message.delete = Delete

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.branch = Branch

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.reportAbuse = Report Abuse

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.reportedAbuse = Abuse Reported

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.moderate = Moderate

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.message.correctAnswer = Mark as Correct

    outcomes.badge.popup.datePart = {0}

    outcomes.badge.popup.approversLabel = Participants:

    outcomes.badge.popup.messageLabel = Description:



    outcomes.warningBanner.official = Note: the Official outcome will be removed when you publish your changes.

    outcomes.warningBanner.finalized = Note: the Final outcome will be removed when you publish your changes.

    outcomes.warningBanner.outdated = Note: the Outdated outcome will be removed when you publish your changes.

    outcomes.warningBanner.wip = Note: This document is currently marked as Reserved. Publishing changes can potentially overwrite another user''s edits.



    outcomes.action.outcomeNote.noteLabel = Description

    outcomes.action.outcomeNote.sendButton = Mark


  = Link to the latest version (optional) = Provide the URL of the latest version

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.sendButton = Mark



    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.title = Create an Action Item for yourself

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.update.title = Take ownership of this action item

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.unresolve.title = Unresolve action

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.addContributors.title = Add participants

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.checkboxLabel = Discuss this Action Item

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.checkboxDescription = Bring in others to resolve this action item

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.permissionWarning = This user does not have view permissions for this content.  They won''t receive a share until they''re allowed to view the content.

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.private.permissionWarning = This user will be granted access to the item you''re trying to share.

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.noteLabel = Description

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.notePlaceholder = Enter a description

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.noteDescription = The description will be visible to anyone who can view this content

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.sendButton = Mark

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.people.placeHolder = Select people

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.shareText = Hi, check out the action on "{0}"



    outcomes.action.pendingTooltip.title = Get back to your Action Items

    outcomes.action.pendingTooltip.body = You can view all the actions you own in the Actions tab on the home page = View actions



    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.finalized.title = Mark as final

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.finalized.question = Are you sure you want to mark this content as final?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.outdated.title = Mark as outdated

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.outdated.question = Are you sure you want to mark this content as outdated?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.official.title = Mark as official

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.official.question = Are you sure you want to mark this content as official?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.wip.title = Mark as Reserved

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.wip.question = Are you sure you want to mark this content as Reserved?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.result = This item can have only one badge (Final, Official, Reserved, or Outdated). If you apply a new badge, the other one will be removed.

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.confirmButton = Mark



    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.edit.wip.document.title = Edit document

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.edit.wip.document.question = Are you sure you want to edit this document?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.edit.wip.document.result = {0} has marked this as reserved. Making changes \

                                                                may overwrite that user''s edits. Continue?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.edit.wip.document.confirmButton = Edit



    #Outcome-specific strings #############################################################################################

    outcomes.action.createdMessage.takeOwnership = You have taken ownership of this action item

    outcomes.action.updatedMessage.addAssignees = You have added contributors to this action item



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.decision = Marked as decision

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.decision = Unmarked decision = Mark as Decision

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.decision.get = Marked as Decision

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.decision.delete = Unmark as Decision = Decisions

    outcomes.badge.decision = Decision

    outcomes.summary.decision = Decision

    # Popup text looks like "outcomes.badge.popup.decision {user display name link} outcomes.badge.popup.datePart".

    outcomes.badge.popup.decision = Marked by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.success = Marked as Success

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.success = Unmarked as Success = Mark as Success = Mark as {0} Success = Let your community know about this collaboration Success Story!

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.success.get = Marked as Success

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.success.delete = Unmark as Success = Successes

    outcomes.badge.success = Success

    outcomes.summary.success = Success

    outcomes.badge.popup.success = Marked as a Success Story by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.outdated = Marked as Outdated

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.outdated = Unmarked as Outdated = Mark as Outdated

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.outdated.get = Marked as Outdated

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.outdated.delete = Unmark as Outdated

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.meta.outdated.delete = Unmark = Outdated Content

    outcomes.badge.outdated = Outdated

    outcomes.summary.outdated = Outdated

    outcomes.badge.popup.outdated = Marked by

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.urlPlaceholder = Enter a URL

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.urlDescription = Optionally provide a URL to the updated content

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.linkTextPlaceholder = Enter link title

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.linkTextDescription = This will be displayed for people to click on



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.finalized = Marked as Final

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.finalized = Unmarked as Final

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.finalized.title = Unmark as final

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.finalized.question = Are you sure you want to unmark this content as final?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.finalized.result = Doing so will remove the final label and display all the comments.

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.finalized.confirmButton = Unmark = Mark as Final

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.finalized.get = Marked as Final

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.finalized.delete = Unmark as Final

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.meta.finalized.delete = Unmark = Finalized Content

    outcomes.badge.finalized = Final

    outcomes.summary.finalized = Final

    outcomes.badge.popup.finalized = Marked by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.official = Marked as Official

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.official = Unmarked as Official

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.official.title = Unmark as official

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.official.question = Are you sure you want to unmark this content as official?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.official.result = Doing so will remove the official label.

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.official.confirmButton = Unmark = Mark as Official

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.official.get = Marked as Official

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.official.delete = Unmark as Official

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.meta.official.delete = Unmark = Official Content

    outcomes.badge.official = Official

    outcomes.summary.official = Official

    outcomes.badge.popup.official = Marked by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.wip = Marked as Reserved

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.wip = Unmarked as Reserved

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.wip.title = Unmark as reserved

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.wip.question = Are you sure you want to unmark this content as reserved?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.wip.result = Doing so will remove the reserved label.

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.wip.confirmButton = Unmark = Mark as Reserved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.wip.get = Marked as Reserved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.wip.delete = Unmark as Reserved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.meta.wip.delete = Unmark = Reserved Content

    outcomes.badge.wip = Reserved

    outcomes.summary.wip = Reserved

    outcomes.badge.popup.wip = Marked by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.pending = Marked for Action

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.pending = Unmarked for Action

    outcomes.action.updatedMessage.pending = Action updated = Mark for Action

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.pending.get = Marked for Action

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.pending.delete = Delete = Take Ownership = Resolve

    outcomes.actionMenu.share.pending.view = View conversation

    outcomes.actionMenu.share.pending.put = Add participants = Action Item

    outcomes.badge.pending = Action Item

    outcomes.summary.pending = Action Item

    outcomes.badge.popup.pending = Owned by = See update here: = Updated at:



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.helpful = Marked as Helpful

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.helpful = Unmarked Helpful = Mark as Helpful

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.helpful.get = Marked as Helpful

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.helpful.delete = Unmark as Helpful = Helpful

    outcomes.badge.helpful = Helpful

    outcomes.summary.helpful = Helpful

    outcomes.badge.popup.helpful = Marked by

    outcomes.actionLink.item.helpful = Helpful



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.resolved = Marked as Resolved

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.resolved = Unmarked Resolved = Mark as Resolved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.resolved.get = Marked as Resolved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.resolved.delete = Unmark as Resolved = Unresolve = Resolved

    outcomes.badge.resolved = Resolved

    outcomes.summary.resolved = Resolved

    # Popup text looks like "outcomes.badge.popup.resolved {user display name link} outcomes.badge.popup.datePart".

    outcomes.badge.popup.resolved = Resolved by



    outcomes.badge.mostLiked = Most Liked



    outcomes.inbox.add.contributors.pending = Add Participants

    outcomes.inbox.add.contributors.pending.desc = Alert other participants

    outcomes.inbox.shared.pending.view = Linked on the action:


  = a decision = a success = final = official = helpful

    # context: "(marked as) action item" = action item

    # context: "(marked as) resolved" = resolved = outdated = reserved



    # Represents all outcomes in search

    outcomes.badge.all = All Content



    outcomes.error.missing = The outcome can''t be found. It must have been unmarked by another user.