Version 1
    ComponentProblem IDFixed Issue Title
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-1038Jive Daily is not fully translated into the Russian language.
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-1567Direct Messages are converting to comments on objecttype
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-1686To and Title fields not present for Message
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-1687Cannot upload a new image from the camera
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-91Missing translation into the Russian language in Jive Daily.
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-1035Place announcements crash iPhone mobile jive daily hosted app 9.0.4
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-134Banner tile > one image banner tile size
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-136Top participant tile missing avatar
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-169CocoaPods Update to 1.3.1
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-51SCB > When copy/paste property is true in PDF file you can copy a link
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-52Crash while opening video/doc(with embedded video) sharing notification from the inbox
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-96UI is crossing the words in the Russian language
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-98Jive Daily is not fully translated into the Russian language.