Version 1

    Jive Cloud 2018.2 introduces important fixes and enhancements. It also remediates security issues found since the last release.

    Learn more about the release here: Say Hello to 2018.2, Jive's Latest Release and here: One Stop for the Jive-n 2017.1 (a.k.a. 2018.2) Cloud Release.


    New Features and Enhancements in Jive 2018.2

    Here are the new features and enhancements in this release:


    ComponentImprovement IDImprovement Title

    Jive Cloud


    Advanced Search filters in Spotlight Search



    Inbox Notification For Promoted Quests

    AnalyticsJVANLT-676Profile Completion report in Community Analytics
    AnalyticsJVANLT-666Places Activity report in Community Analytics

    Fixed Issues in Jive 2018.2

    Here are the bug fixes in this release:


    ComponentIssue IDIssue Title
    AnalyticsJVANLT-1037Filtering by Department does not show any data in the Analytics tab within the Group
    AnalyticsJVANLT-1038Filtering by Department does not show any data in the Analytics tab within the Project
    AnalyticsJVANLT-1039Filtering by Title does not show any data in the Analytics tab within the Group
    AnalyticsJVANLT-1040Filter by Title does not show any data in the Analytics tab within Project
    AnalyticsJVANLT-1042The footer links in community Analytics page do not work
    AnalyticsJVANLT-1081The Participation Ladder information tooltips throw "Page Not found" error in Group, Space, and Project
    AnalyticsJVANLT-1082Filters are not working in the Profile Completion Report
    AnalyticsJVANLT-1083Profile Completion Report: Percentage should be displayed on top of the column similar to the CMR report
    AnalyticsJVANLT-1363Incorrect video content count in the group's Analytics page
    AnalyticsJVANLT-409Non-functional DES show-all parameter
    AnalyticsJVANLT-432Hidden content is displayed in the Popular Content section within the Personal Insights page
    AnalyticsJVANLT-713CMR Report Permissions are not working
    AnalyticsJVANLT-757Clicking Community Analytics navigates to Community Health Report in place of Engagement Dashboard
    AnalyticsJVANLT-770Community Analytics is not showing data for content creation
    AnalyticsJVANLT-794In Community Usage, the user status chart does not show created, deactivated or deleted user when filtered by Department
    AnalyticsJVANLT-795In Community Usage, the user status chart does not show created, deactivated or deleted user when filtered by Title
    AnalyticsJVANLT-808In Community Analytics, the document links in information tooltip throw the 'Page Not Found' error in all sections
    AnalyticsJVANLT-986Filtering by Department does not show any data in the Analytics tab
    AnalyticsJVANLT-987Filtering by Title does not show any data in the Analytics tab
    AnalyticsJVANLT-992The Blog post count is not displayed in the Content Creation graph within Group Analytics
    Database as a ServiceJVINFR-177Delete database retry count
    Database as a ServiceJVINFR-341Unable to upload add-on image to AWS instance in QA when installing an add-on
    Database as a ServiceJVINFR-353Database Backup Retention is incorrect
    Database as a ServiceJVINFR-363Database Backup Archiving
    Database as a ServiceJVINFR-379A new user is added but is not able to login with domain
    Document ConversionJVCDM-242Document converter does not load an Excel worksheet with over 500 rows
    Document ConversionJVCDM-245Invalid document conversion
    Document ConversionJVCDM-253Document Conversion converts password protected docs instead of throwing a warning
    J4OJVSINTG-1882Jive for Office does not convert an email to a discussion
    J4OJVSINTG-1883Outlook and Office Connector installation blocked by Symantec AV
    J4OJVSINTG-1938Convert to Discussion does not contain categories and tags
    J4OJVSINTG-1952Jive Diagnostics Tool fails to download
    J4OJVSINTG-1975Jive preview is missing when uploading a PDF attachment from Outlook to a Jive place.
    J4OJVSINTG-2029@mention space in the discussion created in Outlook does not add activity to space in Jive for Outlook
    J4OJVSINTG-2034An admin with full access cannot share another user's hidden document in Jive for Office
    J4OJVSINTG-2219Jive for Office package that is affecting Excel, links into Word documents
    J4OJVSINTG-2660Jive for office not detecting externally uploaded files - Jive Cloud Extended APIs
    J4OJVSINTG-3157Help link not working in Jive for Office
    Jive AnywhereJVFINTG-1124Gmail automatically logs off when the Gmail Cartridge is set
    Jive AnywhereJVFINTG-674Jive Anywhere Gmail connector column is empty
    Jive AnywhereJVFINTG-688Installing Jive Anywhere from Google chrome fails
    Jive AnywhereJVFINTG-816Edge: 'Download Jive Anywhere' button has the Chrome logo and it redirects to the Chrome Web Store
    Jive AnywhereJVFINTG-882Option 'convert to discussion' is not appearing in new Gmail UI
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1010Adding a user with required permissions to co-author an idea displays a warning message, "User is not allowed to see content in selected place" warning message on
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1199Japanese date error in profile v2
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1558Custom profile field translations do not support locales with a territory
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1610Retain Attachment events
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1650Inconsistent translation of "Followers" in Simplified Chinese
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1695Unable to edit categories after reaching the max limit in a place
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1704Incorrect Dutch translation for "Feature a Guest" button
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1708Inconsistent Korean translation
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1848Questions shared to another place disappear when filtered in the content page
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1881Create a copy pulls in the original content title for a keyword in URL
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1903Incorrect translation of mobile notification labels within user preferences
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1921Not allowed to add users with "Discuss" permission level as authors to documents with "Restrict Authors"
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1967Profile filtering of titles or department fields fails when they contain special characters
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1986Outdated document modal makes navigation bar inaccessible when using basic or custom headers in theme
    Jive CloudJVCLD-1992An external contributor is able to access tools page via direct URL
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2009Discuss level permission allows creating more content types than described
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2036A mismatch exists between User's Points Bar and Points on their Reputation page
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2066System announcement with multiple links can produce a not found error if it is a blog post
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2085Saving a previously published blog as a draft and re-publishing generates a duplicate email notification
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2155When creating an event, "summer" time zones do not account for DST
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2194News stream email recipient list seems to change over time
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2197Inconsistent login behavior between places main URL and the subsequent URLs
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2209Copy to blog option does not respect the new title in Blog URL
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2495Embedded video thumbnails display as grey boxes in tiles and widgets
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2635Question icons are not updated when returned in normal search results
    Jive CloudJVCLD-2682Duplicates URLs in syntax highlighter within <a> tags in Rich Text Editor
    Jive CloudJVCLD-316Carousel tile appears as cropped on Google Chrome
    Jive CloudJVCLD-342Bug fixing port from HOP
    Jive CloudJVCLD-3583Add comment option should not be available on the archived version of a document
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4310Links with "External links open in new tab" setting enabled when copy and pasted from one content piece to another ends up broken in email notifications
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4373Rich Text Editor's performance drops when editing a large table
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4395Ignored failing tests fixes
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4415Bulk content management options are not loaded
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4463Greater than and Less than Symbols appear displaced from Content Titles
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4465Editing Tables in the new Rich Text Editor is extremely slow and spikes CPU usage while working on Internet Explorer
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4511RFA - Western Digital - Cannot open the audit log viewer on the JCA as it throws the timeout error
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4535Daily/Weekly Summary emails are not able to be sent
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4538Multipart upload for S3 Storage Provider is not working
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4565Custom push notifications are not working in Jive Daily
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4664Clicking people tab throws an error
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4680Token expired error message exposes Apache version
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4799The 'Terms and condition' text does not appear in the same format as configured in Console setting page
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4802Search does not work when looking for status updates using their tags
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4811Pretty print formatting breaks for whitespace-sensitive previews
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4992Create or change Extended API Cloud EndPoint to convert an email to a discussion
    Jive CloudJVCLD-4999Port Admin Console fixes for Cookie consent
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5006@Mention dropdown bocks text
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5015With "Keep me logged in" option enabled users are logged out after the browser is closed
    Jive CloudJVCLD-505Bloated images in tables for content created in Rich Text Editor on Internet Explorer 11
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5063Avatars and thumbnails fail to load in Internet Explorer after updating to 2016.3.10
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5066Terms and conditions blocking registration fix
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5097While using view-as-pdf, @mentions are not updated after deletion
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5098AuditLog cleanup for GDPR Compliance
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5099Missing responses and wrong information in Inbox
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5135Inserted tables in created documents appear different when viewed on Internet Explorer as compared to Google Chrome
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5155Top of slide title text appears as cropped in carousel tile on the project activity page while working on v2016.3.10.0
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5186Random images in Banner tiles and Hero image tiles fail to load with and throw an error status of 404 (Not Found)
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5379In Community Usage, the user status chart does not show created, deactivated or deleted user when filtered by department
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5400The Rest API for finding a Jive place in Core does not return the right status (404) when the place is not found
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5453HTML editor strips out attributes in Rich Text Editor
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5534Videos do not work on pagination page and show the static image instead
    Jive CloudJVCLD-564Hebrew email template HTML preview fails
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5642Idea voters list is returned in the API call despite being turned off from the admin console
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5715Give a badge through Jive Daily does not appear on the recent badge activity stream in iOS
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5742File Upload does not reindex correctly after deleting user's @mention
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5744Blog Post does not reindex correctly after deleting the user mention
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5745User mention not being removed correctly in Video
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5831Discussion and Question still in search result after deleting user @mention
    Jive CloudJVCLD-5842An error is returned on trying to get comments
    Jive CloudJVCLD-586Menu options Label displayed in English even though the user preference is set to German
    Jive CloudJVCLD-6061User preferences "summer" time zones do not account for DST
    Jive CloudJVCLD-6211Database update fails after migrating 2016.3.10.4 to 2018.2
    Jive CloudJVCLD-6236Help link not working in Jive for Office - Jive Cloud Extended API
    Jive CloudJVCLD-6249E-mails received from 2018.2 RC release are not properly formatted
    Jive CloudJVCLD-6524Get Members By Group API do not return required fields
    Jive CloudJVCLD-669Cache sync occasionally fails when executing PostgreSQL NOTIFY to sync nodes
    Jive CloudJVCLD-674Show more link in the Gauge tile not working
    Jive CloudJVCLD-6859Updating a blog post to a new location throws an error
    Jive CloudJVCLD-6860Updating a blog post with toggling locations gives an error
    Jive CloudJVCLD-690RSS configuration modal shows loading sign only in a group's activity page
    Jive CloudJVCLD-7101Unstable new Relic instance
    Jive CloudJVCLD-7399Blog banner image isn't uploaded properly
    Jive CloudJVCLD-7415Square Brackets in URL in place of URL encoded Square Brackets
    Jive CloudJVCLD-767Specifying invalid EAE Jive props causes pod to enter a crash loop
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-93'Create a Link' option do not retain the case sensitivity in the entered URL
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-465Marshmallow Permissions Access
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-228The RSS Feed Channel shows "Item not found" while opening it on Android 5.1
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-227The RSS icon doesn't appear alongside the feed items on Android 5.1
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-1252Voters are shown when the hidden option is enabled
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-1151RSS Feed icon inconsistent from screen to screen
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-1137Page links in document viewer do not open appropriate page tab
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-1136Link to a page in a group opens the wrong tab
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-1014"Open in app" link throws a blank screen when SSO is enabled
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-1007The Share link does not work
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-10Pop-up handling on Huawei devices with Jive Daily 2.22
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-972Issue posting to a blog in personal container
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-963Users are occasionally unable to create a blog in their personal container
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-961Clicking the space link does not open the space in the Superlist tile
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-960Clicking the space link does not open the space in the Helpful Links tile
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-85Banner Image zoomed and cropped
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-6In a Group, the Document Viewer tile's description appears as cropped
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-282Department field does not show up in Jive Daily Profile when the Title field is not populated
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-249The banner image aspect does not fit the available space in the Banner tile
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-214Push Notification - Clicking a notification doesn't mark it as Read in the Inbox
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-1717Back button gets displayed in white color for blogs which have the banner image
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-16Anchor Links are unresponsive
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-1566Banner Tiles are not working
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-1538Banner images appear blank on the News page
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-1464T, JVMBL-1037Broken links to spaces in the Key Content and Places tile
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-1009Redirection from the tile to a group is not working
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-1001Unable to post to own (personal) blog post on Jive daily 2.24
    MiTUI ProfileJVCDM-136Formatting required in RTL > Hovercard > Follow popup
    MiTUI ProfileJVCDM-51Clicking Following in Profile v2 throws an error "Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded"
    MiTUI ProfileJVCDM-56Profile v2 does not show the banner on any tab other than the Overview page
    O365JVSINTG-2493Office365 web parts are not working
    O365JVSINTG-2533Impersonation does not update the correct last modifier of a document - Jive Cloud Core API
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-1130Quest events aren't migrated correctly from old version to new version of playbox
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-1159"You were followed" event redirects to the wrong URL
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-1227In Group Leaderboard, the user profile does not open in a new tab
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-1240Default icon does not appear when a new level gets added
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-1261After completing the advocates quest all implemented events are unchecked
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-1262Advocate quests stay in "In progress" tab even after finishing all the events
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-13In the Activity logs page, a vertical scrollbar shouldn't appear when the activity log is long
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-1581Deleting Advocates group in Jive breaks quests page in the playbox
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-21Once completed, the advocate quest is repeated in the advocates' group when not marked as repeatable
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-648Advocate group's name change does not reflect in the Rewards console
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-650Text and formatting changes in the Rewards console
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-749Standardize text format in the tooltip for user badges
    ResonataJVIA-100In the Admin portal dashboard, the "Sentiment" tab is not working as expected
    ResonataJVIA-120In the Resonata portal application, clicking the Admin tab do not direct to the Mgmt URL
    ResonataJVIA-413After accepting the terms and conditions, the pop up appears again when the user clicks on the back button
    ResonataJVIA-416Export > Excel does not work on
    ResonataJVIA-461New user not able to log in with randomly generated password set while creating a new user
    ResonataJVIA-481ms-prod Resonata.Compressor does not process docs
    ResonataJVIA-62Scraper jive-author-v3 fails
    Search - K2JVSRCH-100Searching text using Quotes is not highlighted in the Spotlight search results
    Search - K2JVSRCH-101The searched text is not highlighted in the Spotlight search result
    Search - K2JVSRCH-107Stop words are getting highlighted in Spotlight Search Results
    Search - K2JVSRCH-1274No results are thrown in the Spotlight search when searching using a keyword that does not match the content body but does matches the content subject
    Search - K2JVSRCH-134The Term is not highlighted when searching for RTF files
    Search - K2JVSRCH-227Content with french preposition " d' " in a name is not searchable without d'
    Search - K2JVSRCH-233[Proximus] - Search using phone numbers is not working as expected
    Search - K2JVSRCH-299Spotlight Search does not return all results for "Pages" as compared to the Submitted Search feature
    Search - K2JVSRCH-332Jive Search on AWS working only with tags
    Search - K2JVSRCH-50A task is not displayed in the main Spotlight search result
    Search - K2JVSRCH-702Spotlight search highlights two words joined by a punctuation in results in place of highlighting the keyword being searched
    Search - K2JVSRCH-71Unable to search for Discussion and Document using the AND connector in Spotlight Search
    Search - K2JVSRCH-8Errors during index rebuild
    Search - K2JVSRCH-825Spotlight Search content shows some angular brackets and quotes among the content body
    Search - K2JVSRCH-94Tags are being created and displayed in English locale even though the preference is set to German
    Search - K2JVSRCH-944Wild Card search won't highlight all words entered for a place name
    Search - K2JVSRCH-97Footer text of the uploaded pdf file is displayed and the keyword is not highlighted in the spotlight search result
    Search - K2JVSRCH-99All the existing and new tags are not displayed in the main search result
    Sharepoint On-prem (V5)JVSINTG-2256Federated Search does not return results in Jive for SharePoint 2010
    Sharepoint On-prem (V5)JVSINTG-2825SharePoint Connector failing
    Sharepoint On-prem (V5)JVSINTG-4Fix solution for Jive for SharePoint 2010
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-136Moving a file from Google Drive to a non-jive folder and then deleting it removes the file from both places
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-173While making a copy of the Google doc being edited in Jive, the Google drive folders are not displayed to be selected
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-213Exchange Distribution List unable to authenticate with "http://" in Exchange URL
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-524Google Drive: Movement of files from Google drive is not reflected in Jive
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-617Facebook configuration failure on group
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-627Build fails with error "java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Malformed input or input contains unmappable characters"
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-694Slow syncing of content having ESP as google drive in a group
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-712Getting an "Error" while installing an addons
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-915Stream Once Integration is not working
    Video MicroservicesJVCDM-22016.x Video Service Branches Normalization