Version 1


    Zeria: Masahiro Iijima, Tan Kee Wui

    Kingslake: Frank Arnold, Bala Ponnuswamy, S Dharmavasan

    Aurea: Shiva Venkataraman, Suneel Reddy



    Discuss Draft Project Plan and high level timelines.



    Draft project plan was discussed.

    Clarifications on RS v/s URS (URS is user stories and RS is Functional Specifications arrived at from the User stories)

    In principle approval of the draft plan provided by Zeria on the call


    Next Steps/Action Items:

    Send draft project plan in email to Zeria for approval - Suneel

    Send IP address for whitelisting to obtain production system access via email - Suneel to send email for approval. Once approval is in place, Robert B to co-ordinate with Support team for the access.

    Set up next week's call for 13-Nov-18 at 5:00 pm JST - Suneel will set up the meeting


    Tarun Bansal Abhinesh Sikka