Version 11

    Thank you again for participating in our meeting in Munich. As promised we have put together a summary of the topics discussed, our responses, pending action items, as well as a status thereof.


    Topic (votes)Aurea commentsAction itemDeadlineStatus

    Abuse report (5)

    Jive Daily is getting a major make-over, as part of this additional capabilities will be supported to be released in our third milestone (early 2020).

    early 2020Open

    Accessibility (5)

    T-Systems to provide a list of items necessary to "pass the bar".

    Document received on 11/20/2018 - do to be analyzed

    Shai Sagi to evaluate and come back with feedback to Michael Wand01/31/2019Open

    MDM support (6)

    The request was to support custom/self-singed certificates, which means Jive Daily would need to override the OS certificate handling.


    Aurea will review the requirement internally and reach out to Schaeffler in case more details are needed.

    Shai Sagi to evaluate and come back with feedback to Katrin FischerOpen
    Terms and Conditions (12)

    To acknowledge T&Cs should be solved by the latest fix

    if you configure your admin console to ask for an employee approval on T&C in web app users cannot proceed without approving; once approved users cannot revisit the document unless customer customized the version to show it somewhere.


    In 9.0.6 (to be released December 2018) 9.0.7 to be released March 30, 2019 Jive Daily will act the same.

    Q1 2019Closed
    Privacy Policy

    PP should be configurable in the admin console


    the ability to update the T&C and PP in Jive Daily today only exists by using the re-branding option (Jive Daily Branding - Resources values)


    We are planning to include the capability (configurable through admin console) as part of our second milestone (H2 2019)

    H2 2019Closed
    Custom Tiles Support (12)

    Custom HTML tile is supported by Jive Daily because we can handle the risk. Custom tiles, however, are an unknown factor for Jive Daily - we don’t know the content, how it renders, etc.


    Wish: Aurea to provide customers with list of limitations on how to use custom tiles properly


    We are currently conducting extensive technical reviews to define a path on how to support custom tiles going forward. However, at this point in time we cannot commit to a specific release date.


    Update March 25, 2019: We have planned a new custom tile that will work on both (webapp + mobile) platforms and have better performance. Earliest release Q4 2019

    Q4 2019Closed

    Process Images (consent) (3)

    Very isolated use-case - other Jive customers have solved this by having users accept the T&Cs once.

    Not planned to be delivered.

    Mobile first (profile management, create / work with groups) (11)

    Jive Daily is getting a major make-over, as part of this additional capabilities (more comprehensive profile, add/change profile pictures, create and invite to groups) will be supported to be released in our first milestone (early H2 2019).

    H2 2019Closed
    3rd party analytics (what / where data gets processed, how to turn off) (5)

    Mix Panel used for mobile analytics to identify user actions and properties that increase/decrease engagement and retention. GDPR Compliance – Mixpanel Help Center

    Crashlytics used for mobile crash reports tracking.

    AppsFlyer used for tracking where users come from (marketing campaigns)


    No personally identifiable information (PII) or content data is ever logged or sent to any external services.


    Those add-ons cannot be deactivated on an individual basis.

    Michael Obermaier to evaluate further details and come back with feedback to Christina Model


    In case other parties are interested in additional information please reach out to Michael Obermaier


    Custom streams (6)

    An analysis of our cloud customers shows that only 20% of all users actually use custom streams. At the moment we see this as a lower priority to be implemented in Jive Daily.


    We suggest to monitor the usage of custom streams in your own environment to see if this is really something users need.



    FYI Tej Redkar Christian Stadlmann Pante Detsikas