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    QuestionRequestor Answer
    Customer(s)All ACRM customers


    Jive and ACRM
    Actor(s)Marketing and Salespersons

    Request Details

    As a Marketing or Salesperson, I would like to collaborate on ACRM campaigns within a Jive space. The participants in the space would initially be identical to the team defined in ACRM but additional participants can be added in Jive, even if these users do not have an ACRM license. If a space in Jive doesn't exist yet, it should be created automatically. Within the Jive space, users can share documents, collaborate on documents, have discussions and share news on the campaign with each other.



    Solution Overview

    1 — The Marketing team member logs into ACRM and navigates to a Campaign page. On the account detail page, a new button "Collaborate on Campaign" would be visible. See below.



    2 — The Marketing team member can click the button. At that time, a new space specific to the campaign will be created in Jive (if it doesn't already exist) and it will be opened in a new tab in the browser. The space would be named after the campaign.

    The initial participants in the new Jive space would identical to the internal team in ACRM. Additional participants could then be added in Jive, even if these users do not have an ACRM license.


    3 — Sales team members can now use the space in Jive to collaborate on the campaign.

      • Questions can be asked
      • Documents (e.g. creative materials or campaign execution plan) can be shared and collaborated on
      • Information pertaining to the campaign can be communicated


    4 — If a Sales team member is working in Jive and needs to access information for a respective campaign, it should be very easy to navigate from Jive to ACRM. The user would click on the Campaign name (see 1 below) and automatically, the respective campaign would be shown in ACRM (see 2 below) and the user can proceed.