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    Customer(s)All ACRM customers


    Jive and ACRM


    Support Agent, Subject Matter Experts

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    As a Support Agent working on an ACRM service ticket, I should be able to use crowdsourcing to seek assistance from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the Jive community. Specifically, I should be able to open a question in Jive related to the issue and receive responses that I can use to solve the service ticket as well as answer the question.


    Solution Overview

    1 — The support agent logs in to ACRM and navigates to a service ticket assigned to him/her.


    2 — The support agent starts the normal process to resolve the ticket. If the support agent is not able to resolve the ticket independently and requires knowledge from subject matter experts within the organization, they can click on a new "Question to community" button. See below.



    3 — Once the support agent clicks the button, a new question will automatically be created in Jive (if one doesn't already exist). The agent will become automatically the owner. The question will be created in a pre-defined space (configurable per customer) where subject matter experts of the organization have access. The question will be opened in a new tab in the browser. See below.



    4 — The newly-created question will be auto-filled with the following information:

    • The Title will be constructed from the organization name and the ticket subject from ACRM. See example below.
    • The body of the question will be set to the ticket description
    • The ACRM ticket number will be added as a tag to the discussion to ensure the question can be located later

    The support agent can still add information in the question, change the place the question will be shared, and if required @ mention specific persons within the organization and/or add internal subject matter experts to help resolve the ticket.



    5 — The ticket is now open in ACRM, waiting for a solution. The question is also open in Jive. The two are linked. The "Question to community" button will still be visible in the ACRM ticket. If it is clicked, the existing question in Jive will be opened in a new browser tab. The question screen in Jive will display a "Ticket in CRM" button. If this button is clicked, the ACRM ticket will be opened in a new browser tab. The ticket and question will remain in this state until either the ticket is solved or the question is answered. 6 — One or more subject matter experts will be able to provide responses to the question in Jive. The support agent will be notified every time a response is added to the open question (per Jive-standard functionality). Each response in Jive will be added as a remark to the ticket in ACRM. SCENARIO A — Support Agent Reviews Jive Responses within ACRM

    • If one of the responses is the correct solution, the agent will be able to mark it in the ticket, which will load the ticket to the solution field. Once the ticket is closed, the response will then be automatically marked as the "right answer" in Jive and question automatically marked "Answered."
    • If there is no correct solution in the responses from Jive, the support agent can enter a separate description in the solution field. In this case, a new response will be generated automatically in Jive as a reply to the linked question. This new response will immediately be marked as the "right answer" and the question marked "Answered."



    SCENARIO B — Support Agent Reviews Responses In Jive

    • If one of the responses is the correct solution, the support agent marks it as the "right answer" in Jive. The question is then automatically marked "Answered" and the text is loaded to the Solution field in ACRM.
    • The support agent can now continue with the ACRM ticket management process