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    Platinum Support Program | Platinum Services


    Audience:  IT, Operations, and Management staff responsible for Aurea CRM operations and maintenance.


    Purpose:    Help Aurea CRM customers with understand the Performance Check process included in Platinum Support for On-Premise.




    You receive a comprehensive Performance report that identifies the areas needing focus and improvement, so your operations can be more seamless and bulletproof than ever.


    Recommended Frequency

    Annual Performance Check is recommended.



    All Platinum Support for On-Premise members are eligible for the Performance Check.


    Required Customer Inputs

    • Completed Performance Check questionnaire
    • Provide access to production system or provide all requested resources (e.g. logs, etc.)



    • General Information
      • Version:  Current ACRM version with commentary on future upgrade plans if appropriate
      • Data Model:  Overview of infoarea (tables) analysis, identification of stale formats (triggers, workflows, rights,etc.)
    • Case Review
      • Review list of cases provided by the customer related to frequently reoccurring system stability and performance
    • Log Analysis
      • Basic check for errors and potential root causes
    • Environment
      • General:  Review of the system configuration, identifying and commenting on concerns, Average Machine Load (CPU, Memory, Disk) - Provide recommendations based on the Perfmon.exe
      • Application:  Review of the designer configuration and roles & processes, identification of unused triggers, workflows, communication formats and rights, suggestions for clean up
      • ACRM Servers:  Review of specification of servers with appropriate supporting notes
      • Databases:  Script to reindex the tables to improve the application speed and performance
    • Assumptions
      • The project scope above will be focused on the ACRM production environment
      • Customer is responsible for implementation of recommendations
      • Customer will provide prompt access to all systems and resources that the Platinum Support team will reasonably need in order to complete the health check
    • Exclusions

      • Load testing

      • Non-production and disaster recovery environments
      • Monitoring consulting
      • Assistance with implementation of recommendations


    Platinum Team Final Outputs

    • Aurea CRM Performance Check Report
      • For each item assessed:
        • Findings (e.g. response times, utilization, etc.)
        • Areas of concern identified, with recommendations for mitigation
      • Data cleanup recommendations
      • SQL re-indexing script to improve performance



    An Performance Check typically requires Four(4) weeks to complete once all required customer inputs are provided.



    • Initiation
      • Customer provides required customer inputs
    • Preparation
      • Aurea CRM inputs captured
    • Execution
      • Inputs analyzed, items of concern and areas for improvement identified and recommendations developed for each
      • Prepare and deliver the Performance Check Report to customer


    Request Performance Check

    You can request Performance Check by logging a Service Ticket in the Aurea Support Portal at

    • Refer to the Screenshot of the Service Ticket entry screen below.
      1. Once in the portal, click AUREA SUPPORT, then LOG A SERVICE TICKET
      2. Enter Subject:  "Platinum Services Request: Performance Check"
      3. Select Service Type:  "Performance Check".
      4. Provide other required information
      5. Provide the following information in the Description:
        • Earliest Start Date
        • Ideal Start Date
        • Deadline Date for Completion
        • Reason for the Deadline for Complete

    Screenshot of the Service Ticket entry screen:

    Next Steps:

    • Platinum Services will respond to your request within 1 business day
    • You will receive a questionnaire to complete and return
    • A Project Manager will contact you to get the project started



    The following are frequently asked questions about the Platinum Services Performance Check.


    Is my company eligible for an Performance Check?

    • All Aurea CRM customers with Platinum Support for On-Premise are eligible for the Performance Check.

    How do I request an Performance Check?

    • You can request an Performance Check by creating a case in the Aurea Support Portal at  Refer to the "Request Performance Check" section for details.

    What are our responsibilities for Performance Check?

    • A completed Performance Check questionnaire must be provided
    • Access to production system or all requested resources (e.g. logs, etc.)

    How long will an Performance Check take?

    • A typical Architecture and Design Review & Health Check requires Four(4) weeks to complete.