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    I'd love to crowd source this, as I know it is something that a number of community managers have done at one point or another in their careers. Please edit and add your ideas. Maybe at some point we can even put them into category sections (assuming we get enough).


    1. What is your favorite band from the 70s?
    2. What is your favorite band from the 80s?
    3. Where were you born? And where do you live now?
    4. What is your dream vacation location?
    5. What is the best advice you've been given, either at work or in your personal life?
    6. What's a favorite colloquialism, why, and what does it mean?
    7. What's the best thing you've read/watched/listened to this month?
    8. What's the best advice you've ever received?
    9. If you could live in any TV home, what would it be?
    10. What's the coolest thing you're working on?
    11. What are your favorite phone apps?
    12. What one piece of advice would you share with your former self?
    13. What do you do to relax?
    14. What did you do over Memorial Day weekend?
    15. What characteristic do you most admire in others?
    16. What's the most recent less-than-$100 purchase that's had a big positive impact on your life?
    17. How would you spend $1 million?
    18. What about your job makes you proud of what you do?
    19. What’s the best thing that happened to you last week?
    20. If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?
    21. What are you reading right now?
    22. When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
    23. What's a product or service you love so much that you’d happily be that company’s spokesperson?
    24. What's the first thing you bought with your own money?
    25. What's your favorite breakfast cereal?
    26. What fashion trend are you glad to see go away?
    27. What superpower would you like to have and why?
    28. What's one skill you think everyone should have?
    29. What does your name mean?
    30. What fictional character do you most identify with and why?
    31. If you ruled the world, what would you change on day 1?
    32. Cake or pie?
    33. What is your favorite family tradition?
    34. How Does Coming to Work Each Morning Make You Feel?
    35. What’s the Coolest Thing You’re Working On?
    36. What Has Motivated You Lately?
    37. How does what you do feed your passion?
    38. What Are Your Three Goals For the Week?
    39. Tell me the story of.... (I don't have a specific ending to this one, but I like the prompt specifically asking for a story)
    40. What book do you give as a gift most often and why?
    41. When you think of the word successful, who (outside of your work) is the first person that comes to mind and why?
    42. What is something that you believe that other people think is insane?
    43. If you were CEO for the day, what is the first thing you would change?
    44. What were some great contributions made by other team members lately?
    45. What are you most proud of about this company and why?
    46. Share a photo of... (insert your desk, your office space, your pet, the view from the closest window to your desk, etc)
    47. What three words would you use to describe our corporate culture?
    48. What do you think will be the most significant change to the world between now and 2026? (This one generated some really in-depth responses!)
    49. What's on YOUR screen (wallpaper for your computer or phone)?

    50. If you could go to school for any degree tuition-free, what would you study?

    51. If you had one completely free hour each day, how would you use it?

    52. What is the biggest obstacle you ever overcame in your career?

    53. What’s the biggest risk you ever took?

    54. If social media didn’t exist, how would your life be different?

    55. What are you worse at than 90% of the population?

    56. Advice for your former self?

    57. Name one thing on your bucket list.

    58. What are your favorite phone apps?

    59. What did you want to be when you were a kid?

    60. What's the best concert you ever went to?
    61. What is the first concert you ever went to?
    62. What was your worst vacation ever?
    63. Cats or dogs?
    64. Who are your Mentors?
    65. When you buy Lunch, where do you buy it from? (helpful for people visiting one of our other offices)
    66. What are the most valuable posts to you (this is pretty self serving but very helpful)
    67. Who is your intellectual crush? (It's provocative and it gets people sharing interesting books, podcasts, TED talks, etc.)

    68. If you (your org, your team, your community) was an animal, what animal would it be?
    69. What's something interesting or fun that not many people know about you?
    70. What's one of the best vacations you ever took? (You'd be surprised - most people end up naming a simple vacation over exotic vacations.)
    71. What is the best or most exciting place you have ever visited?
    72. Name a favorite lyric from a favorite song.
    73. What is your life story in three sentences?

    74. What is a community that was important to you as a child/growing up?

    75. What was the first concert you ever attended?

    76. What's your favorite month of the year?

    77. Have you ever been starstruck? When?

    78. Do you have a nickname?

    79. What's your favorite TV show?

    80. What's your favorite type of exercise?

    81. Roller coasters: Love them or hate them?

    82. What's your favorite breakfast cereal?

    83. What's your dessert of choice?

    84. What's one item you can't leave home without?

    85. What's your favorite season?

    86. What are two words that best describe you?

    87. What's your favorite restaurant?

    88. What do you like on your pizza?

    89. If you could sing a duet with anyone who would it be?

    90. What's the best gift you've ever received?

    91. Where's your favorite place to travel?

    92. What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

    93. What's your favorite holiday?

    94. What advice would you give to yourself in high school?

    95. Do you have any pets?

    96. What's your favorite song?

    97. What's the best thing that's happened to you so far this year?

    98. Would you ever live anywhere other than where you do now? Where?

    99. Who's someone you look up to?

    100. What's something you're looking forward to this year?

    101. What's the perfect weekend getaway?

    102. What song always gets stuck in your head?

    103. What's your earliest memory?

    104. What was your first screen name?

    105. What movie can you quote the most?

    106. What would your last meal be?

    107. What's your favorite quote?

    108. Who is your favorite historical figure?

    109. If you could host a dinner party and invite any five people, living or dead, who would you invite?

    110. What would your family say you spend too much money on?
    111. What are you currently binge watching (streaming)?
    112. What are your favorite podcasts?
    113. What movie line do you quote all the time?
    114. What is one thing you always wanted as a kid, but never got?
    115. If you could be "the best" at something, what would it be?
    116. If you could see one musician (living or dead) play their last concert, who would it be?
    117. Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?  If so, who?
    118. Who is the first person you met when you started working here (not counting your boss or anyone who interviewed you)?
    119. What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
    120. What’s the best gift anyone’s ever given to you?
    121. Are you more of a talker or a listener?
    122. What song best describes your life right now?
    123. If you had to be handcuffed to one employee for an entire week, who would it be and why?
    124. If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why?
    125. What’s your favorite color? Any particular reason?
    126. Where did you work for your first job?
    127. The zombie apocalypse is coming— name 3 employees you want on your team.
    128. What was your least favorite food as a child? Do you still hate it or do you love it now?
    129. Are you more of a traveler or a homebody?
    130. Are you a morning person or a night person?
    131. What’s is one thing we don’t know about you?
    132. If you could bring back any fashion trend what would it be?



    This aligns to the middle two sections of TheCR Work Out Loud Framework, and helps people feel more confident asking "real" work-related questions.

    WOL Framework