Version 3

    Jive Cloud 2019.1 introduces important performance Improvements and fixes. It also remediates security issues found since the last release.


    Performance Improvement in Jive 2019.1

    Here is the performance improvement in this release:


    ComponentImprovement IDImprovement Title
    AnalyticsJVANLT-3468, JVANLT-3703Improved speed for Insights tab of Profile page by 3.6x
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-19363Improved DocConversion stability and improved loading speed by 1.3x on average


    Fixed Issues in Jive 2019.1

    Here are the bug fixes in this release:


    ComponentIssue IDIssue Title
    AnalyticsJVANLT-3664Active users are counted incorrectly on Community Health page
    AnalyticsJVANLT-3785Profile Completion report in Community Analytics section is not working
    AnalyticsJVANLT-3812Inconsistent reporting

    If one email is converted to discussion twice the conversion isn't recognized

    AnywhereJVFINTG-2192Emails with embedded images aren't identified for option "Convert to discussion"
    AnywhereJVFINTG-2197In Gmail 'Mark as helpful' for a reply isn't operating
    AnywhereJVFINTG-2226Internet Explorer 11 shows script error when loading
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-17110Unable to see notifications in Inbox
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-18659Images and banners missing after migration
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-18762Header script render changed on AWS Instances
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-18987Header script issues on AWS Instances
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-18995Inbox and Activity from prior to AWS move is gone
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-19354URL changes after AWS upgrade
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-19363DocConversion: Severe slow webapp performance on customer instance
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-19385LDAP Login Issue post 2018.3 upgrade
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-19501Spotlight Search does not return People Results if there is a whitespace
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-19519Search by phone number/hire date/personal email does not return the user name
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-19892Allow script tags for DocConversion
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-20355, JVCLD-21934Customer doesn't get keystore.saml regenerated
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-22123Stream entries in Rewards page are shifted to the right
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-22125Custom Event (Manual Trigger) can be completed in ordered Quest despite it's locked
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-22136"Challenge" button is available to users not in range of this feature
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-22151Point calculation is wrong after user gives a badge with points added
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-22154In Latest Acclaim notification the challenge button doesn't appear for the users above or below the current user
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-22254Verify if sort by "Length" works correctly in "Browse community video"
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-22261Date displays incorrectly in user profile
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-22274Page is not loading all elements: buttons are unresponsive after adding Recent Content widget with Categories
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-1670Profile Evolution: Hire date displays as off by one day
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-1786Preview is not showing for Excel file attachment/upload which has text as cropping limit
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-1921"Length" is not showing correctly in "Browse community video"
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-1961, JVCDM-2140, JVCDM-2141, JVCDM-2142Improvements to video stability
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-2085Videos are not playing on Internet Explorer 11
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-2199DocConversion is not creating proper JSON to render in Cloud
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-2265User cannot reply or comment on the contents after going to content by using the full search
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-2370Unable to select app action from the drop-down menu of user's Hovercard
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-2386A filter by custom field cannot be added if the value contains an '&' symbol
    Core Display MicroservicesJVCDM-2458On Edit Profile page, "Profile Preview" is not displayed properly in Internet Explorer 11

    J4Outlook crashes in Windows 7 x64

    J4OJVSINTG-2027Users can't edit or search password protected documents using Jive for Office
    J4OJVSINTG-4347Create Office Document link isn't available under actions in a group integrated with O365
    J4OJVSINTG-4644Full Social Bar option overlays with the email's content in Windows 7/Win Server 2008 R2
    J4OJVSINTG-4749Checking Disable Notification Emails preview isn't disabling the preview for emails
    J4OJVSINTG-5635Embedded video added in a content is not visible in the screenshot when viewed in Jive for Outlook
    J4OJVSINTG-6282Discussion is removed from J4O Streams when a comment is deleted

    Jive For Office Plugin issues related to document editing with O365 setup

    J4OJVSINTG-6428Outlook crashes when replying a discussion using Jive 30.7.63
    J4OJVSINTG-6440Signing users out each time
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-1660Gmail cartridge displays incorrect email in body text
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-1974Content of Jira ticket isn't synced to Jive group after editing the ticket
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2011WebEx: WebEx initiated is not displayed in Mixpanel > LiveView
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2092WebEx: Email notification is not received after scheduling WebEx meeting
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2143Google Drive options are not appearing under 'Actions' tab
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2199DropBox: Deleted files restored from Jive are not visible on DropBox
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2200Dropbox: Disassociate and Associate DropBox from Group is not working
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2201Google Drive: Disassociate and Associate Google Drive from Group is not working
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2216Skype for Business, Aurea and ESNA Connectors: Phone option is not working
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2414DropBox Integration is broken
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2435Several issues with Google Drive integration
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2438Creating new field for Skype is not visible in the Config Now settings
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2490In a Google Drive mapped Jive group 'Google Drive', 'Google doc', 'Google presentation' and 'Google spreadsheet' options are not displayed under 'Actions'
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2508Calendar Header for Navigating Next Month is not showing in WebEx Connector
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-2584Custom fields do not appear in configuration screen for Hangouts add-on
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-2257In SharePoint V5 connected group, attachments are not appearing in Jive for Blog, Discussion, Question and Event
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-2418Box Integration: Error on publishing a large zip file to group
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-3069Version is not updated in Jive, when a file is edited in SharePoint
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-3225If a file uploaded to SharePoint V5 from Jive is deleted it is still available at SP's Jive document's folder and is not available at SP's trash
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-387User deleted from Jive still see the synchronized folder in Box
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-3893Webparts: Empty comment box exists after deleting the comments
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-4464Fix Diagnostic tool to display real status of the add-on
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-6097Unable to configure 'Box' account while adding storage integration
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-6257Modifying the name of a file in SharePoint causes issues in Jive
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-6382Unable to create a group using box as an external storage
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-6479Box integration issue: files are not synced from 'Box to Jive'
    IntegrationsJVSINTG-6520Box Addon failed to install and shows an error
    Jive DailyJVMBL-3196Carousel tile displayed as a broken image in Jive Daily β
    Jive DailyJVMBL-3628Signed Certificate generated by SHA1
    Jive DailyJVMBL-5340Not able to play recorded video
    Jive DailyJVMBL-5509Inbox is not getting updated
    Jive DailyJVMBL-5932Summary of the activity page of the group does not display the content created in the group
    Jive DailyJVMBL-3069Enabling Safari Web view login in mobile doesn't work in Cloud
    Jive DailyJVMBL-3081Error message doesn't appear in Org chart if the app is in the Offline mode
    Jive DailyJVMBL-3107A user doesn't get an Inbox notification about the activities of user they follow
    Jive DailyJVMBL-3478The images in the streams are displayed as gray boxes
    Jive DailyJVMBL-3728Video preview appears as a grey field in streams
    Jive DailyJVMBL-3789, JVMBL-3790The user is able to login to app without accepting the Terms and Conditions
    Jive DailyJVMBL-5148Embedded Brightcove videos do not play on on the Jive daily app
    Jive DailyJVMBL-5343HTML tile is added but it shows "No Content" in Jive Daily
    Jive DailyJVMBL-5347Embedding a video does not work when creating content
    Jive DailyJVMBL-5379Reply is added to the comment but not shows in sync. It is displayed at bottom of the list as a comment
    Jive DailyJVMBL-5790Unable to edit blogpost which has a video
    Jive DailyJVMBL-6098Restricted Comments option is not available in blog post
    Jive DailyJVMBL-6163Search for content is not displaying the searched content
    Jive DailyJVMBL-6194Banner tiles do not resolve when linked to space pages
    Jive DailyJVMBL-6202Banner added to a place is not displayed in app
    Jive DailyJVMBL-6216News trending content tile doesn't redirect to content page after clicking on the content in the tile
    Jive DailyJVMBL-6219User's profile image doesn't appear in leaderboard tile in News page
    Jive DailyJVMBL-6316Inbox and Custom New Streams are not updated in Jive Daily
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-4616Background color of the accept button is green regardless of the accept switch
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-3789User can login to Jive daily app without accepting the terms and conditions
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-3216Unable to add Jive Daily app to widgets
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-3215Community URL is brewspace instead of the entered one while logging out of the app
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-3191Error message is shown while using "Recently viewed People" screen
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-3077Non-admin user unable to see the "Featured Quest" tile on the homepage and sees an error
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-2599Follower count is not updated
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-2499Table width does not stretch to 100% despite being set in table properties
    Jive Daily for AndroidJVMBL-1142User can attach images in comment
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-4615Background color of the accept button is green regardless of the accept switch
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-3910Jive Daily app crashes and closes after clicking "Mark all read" in inbox
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-3839"Key content and places" links are not working
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-3808Banner image for the blog does not load correctly
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-3790User can login to Jive daily app without accepting the terms and conditions
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-3748Images in the news streams are displayed as gray boxes
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-3462Jive Daily app crashes after selecting a 'Tel:' linked phone number
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-2904Shared video is not seen in the post under streams
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-1699Avatar image is not showing properly or blank for featured people
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-1253Voters are shown even if the hidden option is enabled
    Jive Daily for iOSJVMBL-1071User can attach images in comment
    Jive Insights AdvancedJVIA-1386health_function fails for Resonata dashboard processing
    Jive Insights AdvancedJVIA-1784Notification overlaps main menu bar (at least in Windows Chrome)
    Jive Insights AdvancedJVIA-189Search results strip out @mentions
    Jive Insights AdvancedJVIA-2270Additional people filter does not return any value when "have username matching" is selected
    Jive Insights AdvancedJVIA-795The dashboard does not display any details and appears as a blank screen in Resonata Portal application
    Jive R2E2JVR2E2-8Activity stream UI error when uploading multiple files
    Jive R2E2JVR2E2-848Inbox and Activity from prior to AWS move is gone
    Jive R2E2JVR2E2-2226Emails are sent to users in a group even after removing the stream rule
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-604User search in Russian alphabet in the Rewards console isn't working
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-2436Quests with limited badges are not 'Deactivated' after the badge limit is met
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-3202Level is not getting updated in Mission reports
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-4458Rewards Page is not available in the Jive Daily Beta for Mobile Android
    PlayBoxJVPBOX-4756Quest with Russian letters in the title is not working in the Rewards Console
    Search - K2JVSRCH-4553, JVSRCH-5332

    Status Update is not searchable when searching a mentioned user

    Search - K2JVSRCH-4705Search highlights are inconsistent in Spotlight Search
    Search - K2JVSRCH-4771Related Groups widget needs to show related groups
    Search - K2JVSRCH-4810

    Searching by user's details does not return the user

    Search - K2JVSRCH-4853Customers are facing high inconsistency with search
    Search - K2JVSRCH-4912Removing a mark from a document is not reflected in the search index
    Search - K2JVSRCH-4924Outcome type search boost is not applied correctly
    Search - K2JVSRCH-4925Only the first outcome is taken into consideration for boosting
    Search - K2JVSRCH-4926

    Boost score of documents is incorrect

    Search - K2JVSRCH-4975If global visibility is set to "Connections" searching by title not return correct results
    Search - K2JVSRCH-5022Rebuild content search-ingress should only add the 'tenantId' routing value if "shared" is "true" and index template version < 5
    Search - K2JVSRCH-5023Activity ingress search-ingress should only add the tenantId routing value if "shared" is "true" and index template version < 5
    Search - K2JVSRCH-5024Content/Places Queries in search-query should only add the tenantId routing value if "shared" is "true" and index template version < 5
    Search - K2JVSRCH-5025MLT Queries in search-query should only add the tenantId routing value if "shared" is "true" and index template version < 5
    Search - K2JVSRCH-5396Search result is not displayed if a comment being searched has been edited
    Search - K2JVSRCH-5489Search is not returning exact matches is search results


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