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    2019.2 Upgrade Issue Tracking Document


    2019.1 Update


    StatusDate AddedBy whomFunctionalityDescriptionCustomer(s) affectedNotes
    SOLVEDJan 29, 2019Michael GoschSharepoint Integration
    • Button "Open Remote File" disappeared
    • No access to different versions of Files
    • Issue applies for all users for all files
    • Support ticket opened - case number 01486299

    Update Feb 18, 2019 from Support

    What we received from support on Feb 26th:

    Solved by migrating to 2019.2 on April 25th

    SOLVEDJan 29, 2019Michael GoschUser status/ Inactive Users
    • Some of our most frequent users got deactivated during the release
    • No support ticket opened as this is an easy fix and you can reactivate the users from the Admin Console
    • But it might be worth checking this proactively before users contact you and complain
    SOLVEDJan 29Tracy MaurerCustom tiles on Space custom pages
    • Have to add unconfigured tile first, save page, then edit and add config
    • If try to add and configure in the same step, the tile doesn't save
    PreviewSupport ticket opened - case # 01486222
    SOLVEDJan 29Tracy MaurerBackground banner color white
    • Our default background banner is different than standard
    • When creating a new place, the default doesn't load, but instead we get a white background
    • As all of the text in the banner area is white, this proves problematic
    PreviewSupport was able to change default settings to load something other than the white background. Was told it is less likely to happen in production.
    SOLVEDJan 31, 2019Michael GoschBirthdays are displayed one day in advance
    • Back in the day we used this script to surface the birthdays of our users on the homepage of our community: Work Anniversaries Recognition Script
    • After we got upgraded to 2019.1 birthdays are displayed one day in advance.
    • We have investigated and it seems that it is linked to the migration to the newest version. The API we call to get the Date of Birth of the person returns a result that is one day ahead of the actual birthdate indicated in Jive.
    • Support ticket opened - case number 01486363
    SOLVEDJan 31, 2019Michael GoschGamification
    • Users do not get any points for their actions
    • Applies for all users and all actions
          • Support ticket opened - case number 01487413
    2/5/19Oonagh McQuarrieSearch
    • Search functionality is not fully repaired, certain spaces do not show up in search, despite exact match search keys
    • @mentioning works intermittently, sometimes discussions or questions with longer titles don't return as a result, despite full exact title being tagged


    Support ticket (opened since 10/22/18) 01409900
    2/5/19Oonagh McQuarrieTiles
    • Blogs that have been shared into a space, when displayed in a superlist tile, show the sharer as the author
    ProductionSupport ticket open 01411972
    2/5/19Oonagh McQuarrieNotifications/inbox
    • (user reported, I haven't been able to replicate) Notifications are not loading in the inbox preview. When a user clicks the notification icon in her inbox, the preview of the notification doesn't load.
    ProductionSupport ticket open # 01483926
    2/5/19Oonagh McQuarrieCustom streams
    • When trying to add a new custom stream, the button doesn't generate the edit/create screen. A new stream is generated, but it's blank and there's no option to edit the stream -- just delete it
    ProductionSupport ticket open #01484565
    8/14/18Claire LesageVIDEOS
    • most users can play video on IE or Edge. They get an "encoding error"
    • no resolution with 2019.1
    ProductionSupport ticket open 01373792
    12/14/18Claire LesageMETRICS
    • metrics are wrong.
    • when we compare metrics to a manual count, metrics are inconsistant

    Support ticket open 01455059

    2/11/19Jessica RafterTiles, LinksLinks with filter settings do not work and show error message "A filter was not applied because it was invalid or you are not authorized to view it ". This effectively makes links meant to guide users to categories of tagged content do not display regardless of whether you use "use this view in a tile" or copy and paste. ProductionKnowledge article 000042679  stated this should be fixed 2019.2 so I did not log a ticket