Version 9

    Objective: Create a repository for the latest and greatest versions of Jive Plugins


    **Needs Deprecated Plugins Removed**


    **Probably need seperate Add-On Document**




    PluginVersionReleasedCompatible with JIve VersionPlugin File
    Extended APIs9. APIs Plugin
    Jive Records Retention9.


    Jive-n Record Retention Module ( -
    Jive Gamification9. Gamification Module
    Jive Ideation9. Ideation Module
    Community Manager Reports9. Manager Reports Plugin , Community Manager Reports Version Compatibility Matrix
    Jive Events9. Events Extension
    Jive Photo Album9. Photo Album Extension
    Jive Mobile (daily?) Mobile Module
    Jive For Office30.7.65??????

    Jive for Office

    Jive For Outlook30.7.65

    Jive for Outlook

    Admin Sudo Plugin9.04.13.2017Jive 7,8,9Admin sudo plugin
    Jive Video8. Video Module
    JIRA Plugin



    11.07.2008UnknownJIRA Plugin
    Jive Antivirus7.0.5.0unknown

    The anti-virus plugin is not supported beyond HOP 7.

    It is also not supported in CLOUD versions.

    Jive Antivirus Extension , Jive Antivirus Extension Compatibility
    Custom Redirection11. Feature after Jive 7.0Custom Redirection Plugin
    Company DictionaryunknownunknownunknownCompany Dictionary Add-on
    OpenGraphunknownunknownunknownOpenGraph Plugin Configuration
    Translation Manager7. Manager for Jive: Automated Translation and Multi-Language Content
    SmarterPath Social Learning For JiveunknownunknownunknownSmarterPath Social Learning for Jive
    IBM Sametime ConnectorunknownunknownJive 8IBM Sametime Connector for Jive
    QuickTemplates v22.0.0.0Jive 6 (needs clarification)QuickTemplates v2 - Plugin
    Example Plugin1.42009?UnknownExample Plugin
    Twitter Plugin7. Plugin , Twitter Plugin Version Compatibility Matrix
    Jive Mobile Module7. Mobile Module
    Jive Present7. Present Plugin
    Visual Nav and Case Deflection Search Plugin7. Nav and Case Deflection Search Plugin
    Web Sidebar6DeprecatedWeb Sidebar Plugin
    ICS Export PluginUnsupportedICS Export Plugin
    Unsubscribe E-mail PluginUnsupportedUnsubscribe Email Plugin
    TweetRiver SBS PluginUnsupportedTweetRiver SBS Plugin
    ICS Export PluginUnsupportedICS Export Plugin
    Freemarker Widget PluginDeprecatedFreemarker Widget Plugin
    Jive for IMB Lotus Sametime Module5.0.511.29.12Deprecated 5.0.5Jive for IBM Lotus Sametime Module
    Appfire FlashCharts PluginDeprecated

    Appfire FlashCharts Plugin (Free)

    Jive for SharePoint 2010/2013 (V3)

    Jive for SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 (V5)


    Xhevair "Jev" Maskuli, Mika Hoikkala, David Dietz, Bob Oelschlager, David Sunderland, Nipesh Mehta