Version 1

    This new upgrade contains important bug fixes for both iOS and Android users:


    ComponentProblem IDFixed Issue Title
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-4280Activity tab in Jive Daily displays the wrong username
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-3846Using an @mention annotation in a document renders visibility to only two lines
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-2688A news stream shows object code instead of the correct status-update message
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-2258Jive Daily crashes on opening a shared content from the Jive Daily Inbox
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-1671Clicking a link on the Carousel tile opens the login page instead of the linked document
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-1543Clicking a link to a sub-space within the Key Content and Places tile does not open the correct sub-space
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-95Users on Jive Daily are unable to open bookmarks pointing to an external site
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-92Jive Daily shows a broken preview of a picture uploaded to a secret group
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-1135Jive Daily Ignores Terms and Conditions
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-2233Shared content cannot be viewed
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-2531The spaces with created pages don't open
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-2610Double tap doesn't work
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-3846@mention visibility over two lines
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-3862Jive Daily support of TLS 1.2 and above
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-4614Terms and Conditions UI modification
    Jive for iOSJVMBL-4827Status Updates are displayed incorrectly in the News Stream
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-2520Image Previews on Jive Daily do not display correctly
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-102Jive Daily shows a broken preview of a picture uploaded to a secret group
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-37Jive Daily Ignores Terms and Conditions
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-1688Drafts are not displayed in User Profile
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-1700Comment count is not reflected back on news feed
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-1710Latest entered comment on post is not scrolled up, remains hidden
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-1713Inconsistent/Incorrect follow count
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-1718Users posts in profile show big empty gap when a gif is in a post
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-2225User name filed on login page isn't translated to the device language
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-3040Color of the filter is not changing
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-3071Post details are not opened from News
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-3708Android Daily Hosted β App crashed when tap on Search icon
    Jive for AndroidJVMBL-4617Terms and Conditions UI modification