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    2018.2 Upgrade Issue Tracking Document

    2019.1 Upgrade Issue Tracking Document


    2019.2 Update


    StatusDate AddedBy whomFunctionalityDescriptionCustomer(s) affectedNotes
    Apr 25, 2019Marcelo Yamada

    Links to Jive content/places

    Every icon now brings a smaller icon beside it identifying whether the link points to a space, document or external URL


    Is it possible to hide the "link type" icons in Document Viewer tiles (implemented in 2019.2)?


    Apr 25, 2019Helen ChenVertical scrolls in custom tiles

    Custom tiles have a vertical scroll, like there is more content that is not being displayed.


    reported fixed in 2019.3

    Still an issue Updated 5/29

    Apr 25, 2019

    Colin McLeod

    External File:/// links

    Links added to new documents that use the file:/// protocol disappear from the html when publishing.  The links on new html tiles using the file:/// protocol do not work. This is similar to an issue that occurred for us following 2018.2 and was resolved when a full reset was done on our production instance.

    Thornton Tomasetti


    Previous case 01424484


    Submitted case 01522086

    Appears resolved with 2019.2.2, continuing to monitor for the rest of the week  Updated 5/29Apr 25, 2019Colin McLeodNews StreamsOur main homepage news stream is not showing blogs that occurred since our upgrade.  When you go to the specific stream, you can see the new blogs, but those new blogs are not showing on the homepage tile.

    Thornton Tomasetti,


    Pentana Solutions, Medidata, Windstream



    GVC/Ladbrokes Coral

    Submitted case: 01520489



    JIRA ID JVCLD-31480

    Told fixed in 2019.2.2


    Case 01523408

    Apr 25, 2019Helen ChenAdmin / PeopleAdmin / People / Settings / Org Chart Settings changed after upgrade.  We update via user synch so turned all those off with our original launch. After upgrade it was set to Manager Update.Carbon Black, Commvault
    BADApr 29, 2019Gregor ScottEditing/Creating contentSpurious reporting of "your use of a Banned word has been blocked" when users are creating new content, or editing existing contentPentana SolutionsBanned words including a '-' are treated as separate words eg. step-up is treated as step and up
    Apr 29, 2019Dori GrayRewardsJive Rewards completed quests no longer have completed actions crossed out


    GVC/Ladbrokes Coral

    Apr 29, 2019Dori GrayJiveDailyInbox push notifications no longer work; can only see new inbox items upon refresh


    Case 01329014

    Apr 29, 2019Dori GrayCustom StreamsCustom streams from before the upgrade disappeared, replaced with very old, previously deleted custom streams



    Windstream submitted case = 01523523

    Medidata case = 01521945

    Escalated to Engineering as JVR2E2-3076

    Apr 29, 2019Dori GrayStatic ResourcesSome static resource images missing after upgrade



    Apr 29, 2019Dori GrayInboxGetting inbox notifications for [comment deleted] and [structured outcome deleted]. Another customer said they are also getting notifications when someone unlikes or un-bookmarks something of theirs.

    Medidata, Commvault


    Carbon Black

    I was told this would be resolved with the update as I complained about it after the last update - unfortunate to see this has not been fixed (Sandra Marini)

    Was told by support that this is by design...  (01524905

    Helen Chen)

    Apr 29, 2019Dori GrayRewardsGet "Skipped: user has not earned any rewards and does not exist in the rewards system, visit their profile in Jive to add them to rewards" when manually awarding a badge via CSV, for users that are in the rewards system and regularly earning rewards.MedidataWas told this was fixed in 2018.1, it is not - Case 01521999
    Apr 29, 2019Dori GrayVideoVideos autoplay on Chrome even though Autoplay settings in Admin Console is set to off.MedidataWas told this was fixed in 2019.2, it is not
    Apr 29, 2019Chris WilsonContent CreationHaving trouble creating all content types, as users are presented with the error: "Your message may contain inappropriate content and has been blocked from posting to <instance name>. If you have a question concerning this, send a message to <admin name>." Multiple users affected, but not all users. Happening in spaces and groups.


    Thornton Tomasetti

    Case submitted and picked up: 01522166

    (maybe related to Gregor Scott's issue above?)


    TT: I've only seen one user report this... monitoring


    Update on 4/30 @ 9 a.m. CDT: This issue has been kicked up to Engineering, and I believe they're working Gregor Scott's case in tandem. JIRA ID is JVCLD-31593.


    Update on 5/3: Support indicates there is a fix for this, but I am still waiting for delivery time-frame.

    Apr 29Tracy MaurerPage creation and edits

    RANDOM, meaning it doesn't happen every time.

    Create or edit a page in a space or group, and none of the changes save. This first occurred in 2019.1, and was not identified in time to get fixed in 2019.2



    Jira = JVCLD-30758

    Support is able to recreate.

    Apr 29, 2019Dori GrayMismatched comment countsComment # display doesn't match number of actual comments




    Per open WU case - bug JVCLD-2930.

    Submitted cases


    Apr 29, 2019Dori GrayDuplicate content on News streamIf a user posts content to one place and shares it to other places, a News stream entry forms for each share, clogging up the homepage with the same content item.Medidata, Thornton Tomasetti

    Submitted cases: 01522314, 01522228.


    Apr 30, 2019Dori GrayJiveDaily

    Unread content items in web inbox not appearing on JiveDaily inbox/mismatched content counts



    Apr 30, 2019Dori GrayVideoVideos embedded in content have distorted/unusable controls. Videos in video content type cannot be played at ALL due to the distorted controls. MAJOR issue. Especially bad when combined with autoplay issue (listed above) because we can't pause the autoplay videos.MedidataAurea support opened ticket with video vendor
    Has not recurred, assumed resolved Updated 5/29April 30, 2019Elizabeth UvaComments on shared contentComments on a shared post receive an error message.

    Thornton Tomasetti


    Pentana Solutions

    GVC/Ladbrokes Coral

    Submitted cases: 01522619,





    I have received a ticket number for this bug JVCLD-32270 from support for a L2 engineer to investigate

    April 30, 2019Dori GrayFollowingFollowing people from the Browse People page no longer defaults to Following. No boxes are checked by default. Could be by design, but another user said issue is not consistent.


    May 1, 2019Philippe Van NieuwenborghConvert Discussions via Outlook Plugin

    Information stream of places, inbox not updated for users. Result converted email discussions are not surfacing in Jive. Causing this content staying under the radar and people not seeing the discussion so not collaborating on it.


    Replies via Jive Daily are showing in browser inbox of Jive, replies via Browser showing inbox notification in Jive Daily but NOT in browser version of JIve

    Engage Dialog


    Submitted case: 01522935

    Allianz - not related to outlook plugin for us as we don't use it

    May 2, 2019Dori GrayRewardsRewards screen on profiles are empty - no badges, points, etc appear anywhereMedidata01523729
    May 3, 2019Chris WilsonFollowingUser reports that, prior to migration, she was Following approximately 40 Spaces and Groups (two pages worth in the 'Following' section of the 'Your Places' menu: /places?filterID=following). After migration, it appears she is only following three places. She also reported anomalies in the People she is following.



    Submitted case: 01523541


    Being investigated by Engineering, along with Custom Streams issue as JVR2E2-3076.

    May 7, 2019Chris WilsonBanner TileReceiving error when trying to save changes to an existing banner tile: "Unsupported content type text/html; charset=utf-8"WindstreamSubmitted case: 01525334
    May 9. 2019Dori GrayCarousel tileError when adding a new slide to carousel tile: "This field is required" where the "target link" goes, even though the link is thereMedidata01526156
    May 9. 2019Dori GrayJiveDailyCan no longer edit comments on JiveDaily (iOS). Error message: "Error - Action failed. Try again later."Medidata01526179
    May 9, 2019Dori GrayTablesTable columns broke in upgrade and became very wide, adding a horizontal scroll bar on documents that was not there before because the tables used to fit the documentMedidata

    Case 01526248


    JVCLD-32907May 9, 2019 2019Helen ChenBlog attachmentsBlog attachments with special characters (space, [ ]) can preview but 404 error when you click on file name to download.Carbon BlackCase 01526389
    May 10, 2019Dori GrayContentCannot publish draft documents



    ZS Associates
    Bug JVCLD-31797
    Still an issue  Updated 5/29May 10, 2019Colin McLeodAnalyticsDepartment Interactions report (and other reports in Community Analytics) gives error when trying to download csv

    Thornton Tomasetti


    May 13, 2019Anowar AliBulk Manage

    Bulk move does not move files uploaded that do not have a description

    Error: "Missing content.text field"


    Case submitted - 01523941

    JVCLD-32430  - Bulk move is not working when a document has nothing on the description box.

    Re: Bulk move not working without descriptions

    May 13, 2019Dori GrayDocument versioningVersion button no longer clickable on uploaded documents, so you can't compare or revert through that linkMedidataCase 01527471 - Support said "This is the expected behavior." ?????
    May 13, 2019Dori GrayDocumentText in document overlaps, is unreadableMedidata

    Case 01527651


    JVCLD-32914May 14, 2019Asif HashmiDocumentRed bar error on publishing documents in draft state with attachments.ZS AssociatesBeing investigated by the engineering team having the ID JVCLD-31806
    May 16, 2019Dori GrayBlog DraftsBlog drafts have date of 1970/01/01 in the URLMedidata01528995
    JCLDALL-1621June 4, 2019Dori GrayDiscussionsDiscussions can't be deleted through Actions --> Delete or through Bulk ManageMedidata

    Case 01534971