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    This document describes how to setup Jive 9.0.7 in minutes with a vagrant-based setup to play around with Jive.




    • Ideal for developers to try out Jive 9 and replicate a testsystem setup across the team
    • Don´t use that to install your production server





    Step by Step Guide


    • Installing newest vagrant software from here:

              Download Vagrant - Vagrant

              Vagrant Installation Documentation


    You need a contract with Aurea to download the software. Otherwise you will not able to download the software.


    • Start the vagrant box and let vagrant do the rest...

    • The setup script ( runs and will install additional software.

            For details, see jive-9.0.7-vagrant/ at master · fmeAG/jive-9.0.7-vagrant · GitHub


    • Wait some minutes and drink a coffee


    • Login into your jive vagrant box with the script

    • Become root inside the vagrant box and check the jive server status with
      /etc/init.d/jive status -v



    • You can now access Jive setup with http://localhost:8080/ to complete the initial configuration steps
    • Confirm the wizards with the correct database settings
      • core database:
        • choose postgres-sql
        • replace host with localhost
        • rename database to core
        • use core/core as username/password
      • activity (eae) database
        • choose postgres-sql
        • replace host with localhost
        • replace database with eae
        • use eae/eae as username/password


    • After wizard completion, restart jive via following command
      vagrant halt && vagrant up


    • Et Voila- you can now use Jive - login with user admin and the default password admin via url http://localhost:8080/


    This is the revision of document Easy setup of Jive-n 8 with Vagrant . Because I am not able to edit this document anymore, i have to publish a new document in another space.