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    As always, possibly unique to our Allianz Jive instance or maybe experienced by others too, it would be great to find out.

    These issues have been occurring since migration/upgrade to AWS EU cloud, 2019.2.1 on 14 April 2019.



    Browser Inbox filters not behaving as expected



    Expected behavior

    Working as expected?

    User filters for @mentions

    User expects to see ALL @mentions over ALL time. With the “Load more items” option to keep loading more and more.


    Only recent @mentions are displayed.

    User filters for Messages

    User expects to see ALL Direct Messages over ALL time. With the “Load more items” option to keep loading more and more.


    Only recent messages are displayed

    User filters for Shares

    User expects to see ALL Shares over ALL time. With the “Load more items” option to keep loading more and more.


    User filters for Notifications

    User expects to see two options for Notifications and Connect Updates. Which can be clicked to show all current or select archived or pending.


    User filters for All Items

    User expects to see ALL items over ALL time INCLUDING  @mentions, Messages, Shares and Notifications, with the “Load more items” option to keep loading more and more.


    Some @mentions do not appear.

    MAYBE other notifications are not appearing.




    Inbox notifications not behaving as expected

    Browser inbox is missing some notifications that we expect to appear there.

    Browser inbox is different to Jive Daily inbox


    We are testing different scenario and recording the results here so you can reproduce them [can share here on AureaWorks if anyone is interested]

    In this testing we discovered that SOME @mentions notifications do not appear in the Browser inbox directly – but they are visible if you filter for @mentions only.

    (@mentions in an EVENT, IDEA, or DOCUMENT seem to work but NOT for other content types or comment)


    We do not know if Jive Daily inbox has all notifications that it should as we have been focused on Browser inbox first.

    We do not know if all notifications in general are working as intended as we have focused on @mention first




    Unread count not matching what is visible in inbox

    Browser inbox shows all content as read (greyed out) yet the notification indicates there are unread notifications. There is no UNREAD content visible to the user.

    In April we were advised that this was “migration blip” and the we should just tell users to “Mark all as read” and then the inbox will behave correctly in the future.

    This behavior has continued, along with missing certain items in the inbox.

    If the user selects “Mark all as read” then this functionality behaves as expected and the indicator will say All read – but the user has NOT seen these notifications.

    Based on this and our testing we have one hypothesis for what is happening.


    Current Situation

    Let’s say a user has 5 UNREAD notifications showing on the indicator.

    User opens inbox and sees 3 UNREAD notifications (items in bold in inbox)

    User views these three UNREAD notifications (items are now greyed in inbox)

    The indicator changes to 2 UNREAD notifications but there is nothing further displaying as UNREAD in the inbox.



    Where are the phantom UNREAD items?



    Due to our discovery that @mentions are appearing in the Filtered Inbox view but NOT the standard Inbox view – we suspect that this could be a contributor to this inconsistent UNREAD count.

    Therefore in the situation described above, if the user filters for @mentions they see their 2 UNREAD @mention notifications


    We do not know if it is the only factor or if there are other contributing factors since we have had this issue before and other customers have reported it in the AureaWorks community.

    This could also explain the discrepancy between JiveDaily Inbox and Browser Inbox since there are no filters in the JiveDaily inbox.




    (Hypothesis – not thoroughly tested – can't remember how it's meant to work.) Notifications Overwriting Notifications


    I am not 100% sure about this one… but it seems that notifications on the same content are overwritten.


    Consider the activities in the scenario below


    User A is following User X on Inbox

    User X creates doc at 12:00

    User X @mentions User A at 12:07

    User X comments on doc at 12:10


    If User A does not look at inbox until 12:15

    Previous behavior - User A would see 3 notifications of the 3 different ACTIVITIES


    Currently USER A sees only the notification of the LAST activity.

    BUT User A can also see the @mention only if viewing by the @mention filter.


    I am not sure – but I think Activities by other users are also overwritten so if multiple people collaborate or contribute we do not see these notifications in the inbox.