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    We're excited to share that our transition from legacy Jive data centers to our world-class infrastructure provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is nearly complete.


    As a final step, we are shifting our Shared Services to AWS to ensure higher service quality and availability to you.  We ask that you contact us back as soon as possible to learn if - and how - this may impact your on-premise Jive community, and if any action is necessary to avoid service disruption.


    As an action item for you, please provide us with the following :


    1. Information regarding your instance


    Type of Information to ProvideDetails
    Jive Software version (e.g. v7, v8)The Jive version is located in the top right corner of your Jive admin console.
    Tenant IDThe Tenant ID is located on the System Information screen on your Jive admin console (under /admin/system-info.jsp).
    Instance IP AddressContact your IT department.
    Shared Services

    Indicate which of the below Shared Services your community leverages:

    Tenancy, Cloud Search, Recommender, Cloud Analytics, Doc Conversion, Mail Exchange, AntiVirus, Add-ons Registry, Mobile Push Notification, Spam Prevention, Global/Add-ons Registry


    2. Your system properties, if you are using any of our shared services