Version 4

    Steps to configure Slideshow Tile

    1. Go to the Place (Space, Group) where the SlideShow Tile needs to be configured.

    2. Go to Activity Page>Settings>Add a Tile.

    3. Click on External Add-ons in Categories and Select JEP: Slideshow Tile.

    4. You will see the Slideshow Tile Settings screen as shown below in the screenshot.


    5. If you click on the gear icon, you will notice 3 different options to configure the Slideshow Tile.

    6. Set the General, Slideshow and Manage Slides List settings.

    General Settings

    Specify the Title of the tile.


    Enable Display tile title? to enable the tile title.

    State Headline and set Headline Alignment.
    Detail the Description and set the Description Alignment in this section.
    Set the Background image and Padding in the Slideshow Tile.

    Define the ACTION URL and provide details of Action Label.


    Enable open in a new window to open Action URL in a new window and set Action Link Alignment.

    Slideshow Settings
    Specify Image Overlay settings. There is an ability to select Title size, Link style with various options available.
    Set animation settings using different options available: Animation type*, Autoplay speed*, Speed*.
    Set Navigation Settings of the slides in the Slideshow Tile.
    Manage Slides List
    Create slides using details such as Title, Description, Image URL, Action URL & Action Label.


    7. Notice the following Slideshow Tile screen once the configurations are completed successfully.

    8. Save Tile Settings.

    Slideshow Tile is configured successfully!

    Configuration - ExampleSettings


    • Tile Title: Tile Title
    • Display Tile Title: Checked
    • Headline Center
    • Description Center
    • Background Image URL
    • Padding: 120px
    • Action label + URL

    Slideshow Settings:

    • Center Aligned
    • Headline H1
    • Navigation Style: Dots
    • Navigation alignment: Center
    • Slidenav pos: default
    • Arrow color: white
    • Link Sytle: Button
    • Background: #000000
    • Opacity: 0.7
    • Size 400px


    • Slide Title
    • Slide Description
    • URL + URL Label