Version 7

    Steps to configure RSS Tile

    1. Go to the Place (Space, Group) where the RSS Tile needs to be configured.

    2. Go to Activity Page > Settings > Add a Tile.

    3. Click on External Add-ons in Categories and select JEP: RSS tile.

    4.The settings for the RSS tile are displayed as shown below:

    5. Clicking on the gear icon on the top right corner also displays the 2 options to configure the RSS tile:

    6. Set the General and RSS settings.

    General Settings

    Specify the Title of the tile.


    Enable Display tile title? to enable the tile title.

    State Headline and set Headline Alignment.
    Detail the Description in this section.
    Set the Background image, position and Padding and Text color details here..

    Define the Action Link by providing details of Action label to be displayed with the Action URL.


    Enable Open in a new window? to open the action URL Pr a new window and set Action Alignment.

    RSS Settings

    In the screen RSS settings, specify the following details:

    - RSS url: Provide a valid RSS feed url.

    - Style: Select any of the feed display options as required: Headlines only / Full content / News Carousel

    - Item count: Specify the number of items to be displayed for the RSS feed.

    - Enable Show Date to display the date of the item(s) in feed.

    - Enable Show Image (if provided by RSS) to display the image(s), if any, for the item(s) in the feed.

    - Enable Open in a New Window to view the item details in a new window when the item link is selected.


    7. Verify the RSS Tile screen to ensure that the configurations are completed successfully.


    8. Save Tile Settings.


    RSS Tile is configured successfully!



    RSS Tile - Configuration ExampleSettings

    General Settings:

    - Title: Main Title for the RSS Tile

    - Display tile title? : Enabled

    - Headline: Welcome to JEP - RSS Tile (centrally aligned)

    - Headline Alignment: Center

    - Description: Describe the customized RSS Tile here in one or two lines.

    - Background Image url. Background position: Top center

    - Padding: 25px (all around)

    - Action label with Action url: "AureaWorks News" with link url.

    - Open link in new window?: Enabled

    - Action Alignment:Center


    RSS Settings:

    - RSS url:

    - Style: Full content

    - Item count: 3

    - Show Date: Enabled

    - Show image: Enabled

    - Open in New Window: Enabled