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    Jive Cloud Release Schedule

    ComponentCurrent VersionNext VersionRelease NotesTarget Date for PreviewsTarget Date for GA ReleaseType
    Jive Cloud2019.2.43000.3.0Release Notes - Jive Cloud (Updates coming soon)TBDTBDHAZDU
    Cloud Micro-Services (CM)  UpdatedMicro-2.5.0TBDRelease Notes - Jive Core Micro-ServicesN/ATBDHAZDU
    RewardsRewards-2.4.0Rewards-2.5.0Release Notes - Jive RewardsN/ATBDHAZDU
    IntegrationsIntegrations-2.8.0Integrations-2.9.0Release Notes - Jive IntegrationsN/ATBDHAZDU
    Search  UpdatedSearch-3.0.0Search-3.1.0Release Notes - Jive Cloud SearchN/AJanuary 24, 2020HAZDU
    Activity/Recommendations EngineActivity-2.5.0Activity-2.6.0Release Notes - Jive Activity/Recommendations EngineN/ATBDHAZDU
    Analytics  UpdatedAnalytics-3.0Analytics-3.1Release Notes - Jive Cloud AnalyticsN/ATBDHAZDU


    Jive Mobile Release Schedule

    ComponentCurrent VersionNext VersionRelease NotesTarget Date for Beta ReleaseTarget Date for iOS GA ReleaseTarget Date for Android GA Release
    Jive Daily for Cloud  Updated
    • Android: 3000.5.1
    • iOS: Daily-3000.5.0


    Release Notes - Jive Daily CloudN/AJanuary 24, 2020January 24, 2020




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