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    Recent Releases

    Integrations 3.0.0

    Release date: May 29, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary IntegrationJVFINTG-3976FixOn instances which use Box as an external storage provider, the community may become unavailable if more than 50 users are simultaneously using the community
    DropboxJVFINTG-5707FixWhen configuring Dropbox storage integration, the icon is not displayed on the interface
    SharePoint Online and Office 365JVFINTG-3573FixRunning service diagnostics on the SharePoint Online & Office 365 add-on returns incorrect results
    SharePoint Online and Office 365JVFINTG-3574FixWhen configuring the SharePoint Online & Office 365 add-on, only Office 365 admin users should be able to authorize with Office 365
    SharePoint Online and Office 365JVFINTG-3600FixFile updates done in SharePoint must be synced to Jive
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-5878FixUser cannot log out of StreamOnce
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3770FixEmergency notifications are not sent from private groups
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3824FixUser cannot see information about sent messages on the "Urgent notification status" page after performing "Reconnect to Service" action on the Urgent Notifications add‑on


    Integrations 2.8.0

    Release date: January 10, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    SharePoint On-PremJVFINTG-3539FixAn incorrect connection is used when connecting places to SharePoint
    SharePoint On-PremJVFINTG-3603FixFiles uploaded from SharePoint 2013 are not synced to connected Jive places
    Evernote pluginJVFINTG-3796FixPolling changes from Evernote should be done by using sync state's update count
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3798Fix"Configure now" option fails for first 20–40 seconds after Urgent Notifications add-on is installed
    Evernote pluginJVFINTG-3806FixWhen a note is deleted in Evernote it must be deleted in Jive as well
    Evernote pluginJVFINTG-3809FixEvernote Load Velocity Template should be loaded
    Evernote pluginJVFINTG-3811FixUsers with non-business Evernote accounts are blocked in the application flow
    Jive for OfficeJVFINTG-3975FixIf a synced Excel file is opened in Jive and edited in Microsoft Excel at the same time, the focus in the local file switches to another cell and the changes in the sheet name are discarded
    Jive for Office,
    Jive for Outlook
    JVFINTG-3989FixJive should download and update the client binaries only when the add-on is updated
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-4144FixOnce the "Add question to message" checkbox is selected, the Question field should be validated
    Google Drive and DocsJVFINTG-4556FixGoogle Docs should be listed in a Jive social group connected to Google Drive
    Jive for OfficeJVFINTG-5087FixJive for Office client auto-update is not working for Jive for Office 30.7.65


    Client binaries:


    Integrations 2.7.0

    Release date: December 13, 2019

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-3359FixWhen configuring integration with Bugzilla for a group, authentication fails for Bugzilla users with non-email logins
    StreamOnceJVFINTG-3826FixIssues created in Bugzilla are not synced to a connected group in Jive
    Jive for OfficeJVFINTG-3983FixDocuments in Microsoft Excel via Jive for Office are getting disconnected from server intermittently


    Integrations 2.6.0

    Release date: November 29, 2019

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    SharePoing On-PremJVFINTG-3788FixFile versions are not available under Manage versions on the Jive side when using SharePoint On-Prem V5
    SharePoing On-PremJVFINTG-3789FixAfter creating an idea or event with attachments, the attached files are not available on the Jive side when using SharePoint On-Prem
    SharePoing On-PremJVFINTG-3791FixSharePoint On-Prem V3 add-on is not working with Jive 2018.3
    SharePoing On-PremJVFINTG-3820FixAfter creating a question with attachments, the attached files are not available on the Jive side when using SharePoint On-Prem
    SharePoing On-PremJVFINTG-3821FixWhen a file is uploaded from Jive to SharePoint and then deleted on the Jive side, this file is not deleted on SharePoint side
    SharePoint and Office 365 OnlineJVFINTG-3778FixFile versions are not updated on the Jive side when a file is edited in Office 365
    SharePoint and Office 365 OnlineJVFINTG-4604FixPDF files cannot be uploaded to SharePoint-integrated group


    Integrations 2.5.0

    Release date: November 15, 2019

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-4301FixWhen configuring Jive Skype for Business connector, some of the fields are duplicated in the Phone field box
    UC connectorsJVFINTG-3787FixWhen creating WebEx meetings, Submit button is not working in Internet Explorer 11
    UC connectorsJVFINTG-3794FixA Jabber and Skype chat is not initiated when trying to publish a Jive question to the chat
    UC connectorsJVFINTG-3797Fix

    When scheduling WebEx meetings, the start meeting and other options at the bottom of the screen are not visible, if screen resolution is 1920x1080

    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3564FixIn the Urgent Notification Status chart, notification status has wrong reply count
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3565FixUrgent Notification Status table is showing only the first nine alerts
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3812FixUrgent notifications cannot be created
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3822FixError alert should be displayed next to Urgent Notifications add
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-4075FixA user who is not a member of a group should not get an urgent notification alert


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