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    Recent Releases


    This release requires a planned migration which will be handled separately.

    Release date: April 25, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Search K2JVSRCH-10556, JVSRCH-10065FeatureDevelop and configure standalone AWS ElasticSearch clusters that allow migrating the search service to AWS ElasticSearch
    Search K2JVSRCH-10677FeatureIncorporate People Search into the K2 Search Service
    Search K2JVSRCH-12550FeatureSpotlight search is not searching for users with umlauts in their names



    Release date: November 29, 2019

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Search K2JVSRCH-10062FeatureFor Jive Search K2 API, enable incremental migration of customers to newer versions of Elasticsearch, including AWS managed versions, to improve search operations



    Release date: September 28, 2019

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    SearchJCLDALL-2387FixSearch boost parameters should be persisted in Redis
    SearchJCLDALL-26305FixRemove outdated certificates from repository



    Search - K2 2019.2.3

    Release date: September 6, 2019

    Release scope: Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes in Jive Cloud 2019.2.3



    Older Releases

    Release Notes — Jive Cloud for versions 2016.3–2019.2.3