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    Recent Releases


    The features in this release – the SNS service (JVCLD-42368) and the K2 Search Service update (JVCLD-42640) – are deployed but disabled. We will make a separate announcement when the features will be enabled.

    Release scope: May 15, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-42368FeatureInternal system messages must be duplicated to AWS SNS without overloading Jive HTTP router
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-42640FeatureDelegate people search functionality to use the same search service as place and content search – the K2 Search Service. This includes updates in working with people index and searching for users from all relevant places in the user interface, the Admin Console, and by using the API
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-36401FixIn the Admin Console, "HTML: HTMLFilter" in Filters & Macros cannot be enabled
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-36496FixOld @mentions to groups are displayed incorrectly
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-36508FixThe Allowed src/href Schemes field settings in the HTML filter is not saved consistently (second attempt)
    Cloud integration needs to limit API calls to one change per call
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37199FixDigest emails are not sent to users
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37203FixSAML SSO metadata is not loaded intermittently when instances are created on AWS
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37290FixCustom HTML header is not displayed on the Community Analytics page
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37294FixWhen a Super Lils tile from one group displays the content from another group, the blog author is displayed incorrectly
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37323FixEmail notifications are not sent when a scheduled blog post is published
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37324FixIn Calendar, the day format is incorrect when the user language is set to German
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37334FixPages with the same name written with different capitalization should have different URL within one place
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37335FixComments with empty lines cannot be posted to shared documents
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37573FixInvisible users must be able to complete Rewards quests after user visibility is set through Jive Person REST API
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37588FixnitroDeactivateUsers task is running when Gamification is turned off
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37597FixFiles are not synced from Box to Jive Box-connected place
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37608FixThumbnail images in news streams do not correspond with images in content
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37615FixSome @mention notifications become visible in Inbox only after filter for @mentions is applied
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-38181FixFull stop characters should not be allowed in custom profile field names
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-38182FixProfanity filter truncates entries longer than 3,000 characters
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-38499FixIn Jive Daily, push notification about updates in places that are followed through Inbox
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-47258FixPods must be started in less than 10 minutes. Readiness probe must be completed in less than 1 second



    Release date: February 28, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-36486FixJive Daily Cloud creates multiple records in jivemobilepushregistration table causing multiple notifications
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37184,
    FixAdd system properties for changing caching configuration as part of Memory Evictor update
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37192FixUsers are not able to download files with the add-on
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37293Fix

    When creating a new document and auto-saved versions available, the auto-saved versions pane is aligned incorrectly

    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37333FixUser cannot navigate to the text box to when creating a direct message and using the Tab key to navigate thought the dialog box
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37598FixDiscussion threads cannot be deleted by using the Admin Console
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37620FixThe text lines in a document are overlapping
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37625FixJive system is unavailable due to pods status fluctuations
    Cloud Core



    EnhancementUpdate the system to capture the HTTP request body and the ID of the user that performed the request for reproducing API responses



    Release date: February 18, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-41457FixAWS Cloud instances cannot be restarted


    Jive Cloud 2019.2.4

    Release date: November 9, 2019

    Update (October 30, 2019): Updated release notes due to changes in release schedule. For more information, see Jive Cloud 2019.2.4 release goes live Saturday, Nov. 9.

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJCLDALL-30454FixGranting users Moderate permission level to spaces gives them Full Access permission level
    Cloud CoreJCLDALL-30477FixPostgres Engine and pd_dump/restore versions are mismatching
    Cloud CoreJCLDALL-30482FixEmail notification should be sent when a scheduled blog post is published
    Cloud CoreJCLDALL-30485FixMoved blog post does not appear in News stream
    Cloud CoreJCLDALL-30488FixDatabase TransactionIds are not being released
    Cloud CoreJCLDALL-30493FixGroups with locale settings different from the default search locale do not appear in search


    Jive Cloud 2019.2.3

    Release date: September 5, 2019

    Release scope: Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes in Jive Cloud 2019.2.3


    Older Releases

    Release Notes — Jive Cloud for versions 2016.3–2019.2.3