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    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-71223FeatureVideo captions, both custom and auto-generated, should be available for downloads
    Cloud Core



    FeatureFor the Jive Video provider, translate all interfaces of the Jive Video provider, including the video player, for all languages supported by Jive
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-72871FixOn Jive Cloud 3004.1.4.1, uploaded thumbnails are not showing up in streams
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-74982FixEditing video page breaks when trying to get three generated thumbnails for very short video (less than 10 seconds)
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-79942FeatureVideos must appear in searches only after publishing


    Update, August 7: Corrected the list of features.



    Release scope:

    This is a combination of 3004.2.0 and 3004.2.1 release with JVCLD-49559 (License Usage Report feature) excluded.


    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-42341FixExternal storage should be available only for members of the user groups with particular permissions when external storage is disabled for the Everyone permission group
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-46550,
    FixPerformance issues with actively used instances
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-46703FixOn instances with SmarterPath app installed, the 'parameter passing' feature is not working in direct links
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-49722FeatureUsers should be able to hide content items from Top and Trending streams and recommendations
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-49724FeatureCommunity administrators should be able to toggle Top and Trending in News stream
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-54488FixHTTP 404 errors appear intermittently on Custom HTML tiles
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-55651FixSome system properties are duplicated after a webapp pod restart
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-56550FixWhen a video is edited and a new video file is uploaded, thumbnails from the initial video are displayed. Thumbnails of the new video should be displayed for users to choose from
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-60494FixRe-indexing should be throttled in Jive Core to reduce CPU utilization
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-61330FixIn Jive Daily for Cloud, users are receiving notifications for the content they are not following
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-66589Fix

    Community administrators should be able to abort index re-synchronization

    Cloud CoreJVCLD-66701FixIn the Spotlight search results, people and place URLs include undefined parameters. The URLs in the Spotlight search should be similar to the links for content items search
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67116FixComplex processing fails when a video description is larger than 256 KB
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67137FixAfter a user searches for a term they searched some time ago, the search term should appear in suggestions and at the start of the list on the Search History page
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67208FixEditing a video uploaded with auto-captions chosen should require selecting another caption option when auto-captions are disabled
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67236FeatureVideo content items should be correctly processed when moderated, similar to other content items
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67288FeatureAdjust the user and Admin Console interfaces for the Jive Video provider to make the labels more clear to users
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67444FixWhen search results are displayed in the Spotlight search, pressing keys like Shift or Ctrl affects the view
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67445FixKeyboard navigation should work in the Spotlight search results
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67538FeatureWhen a video is edited, the complex video processing should be triggered only if there were meaningful changes in the video file or metadata
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67662FeatureVideo UI should correctly show the labels in the tenant's language
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67666FeatureWhen a custom thumbnail is uploaded and selected before auto-thumbnails are generated, only the custom thumbnail should be selected
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67668FeatureThe Search button's label in the Suggestions list should be displayed in the tenant's language
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67944FeatureThe search introductory text should be correctly displayed in the all supported languages
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-69321FixWhen a video with the auto-captions option selected is opened for editing, the initial caption option should be preserved and displayed for users
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-69332FixVideos uploaded with the Jive Video provider should be working in Windows 7 and 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-69342FixOn the Inbox page, the Spotlight search box disappears when a user selects a time filter
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-69370FixUmlaut characters are displayed incorrectly on the Search History page
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-69372FixUsers can select the same caption language twice when editing a video with multiple user captions
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-69425FixVideo encoding cannot be finished when editing or re-uploading videos that were uploaded before switching to the Jive Video provider
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-71002FixUploaded videos are not marked as published
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-71119FeatureUsers should be able to insert existing community videos into content items by using the Browse Community Videos option
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-71375Fix/videos/downloadOptions/{videoID} endpoint is not working with videos from the Jive Video provider
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-71399FixIf a user starts video editing, uploads a new video file, and then cancels editing, the existing video is deleted. The initial video should be available until a new video is published
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-71401FixA valid thumbnail cannot be uploaded in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-71497FixSearch performance is reduced
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-72610FixVideo content cannot be created
    ComponentIssue IDTypeDescription



    Recent Releases



    Release date: June 24, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-66408Feature updateVideos uploaded with the Jive Video provider should be played in streams, Inbox, and content items
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67339FixInternet Explorer 11 should fully support the new video functionality.
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67722Feature update

    Internet Explorer 11 should fully support the new video functionality. The text editor should be working correctly and edits saved

    Cloud CoreJVCLD-69444FixRebuilding content indexes cannot be finished



    Release date: June 24, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67084FixRemove the Multiple Search Improvements toggle from the New Features page
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-67286FixAdd Video Language Count limitations' configuration



    Release date: June 24, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-66027FixFix pagination in the Spotlight search
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-66380FixRemove social search toggle on the Advanced Search page
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-66673FixThe Spotlight search does not finish loading results
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-66639FixContent cannot be created



    The features in this release – the Jive Search Service update (JVCLD-43683, JVSRCH-10903) and the Jive Video Provider (JVCLD-45119, JVCLD-45837, JVCLD-45510) – are deployed but turned off. The search update overhauls the Search Service to make it more easy to use. And the Jive Video Provider supersedes the existing video provider, adding new capabilities to video content. Due to the extensive changes, we are thoughly testing the features and we will make a separate announcement when they will be turned on.

    Release date: June 24, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-43683,
    FeatureThe Jive Search Service must provide auto-complete suggestions and possible spelling corrections, track search history, and add the ability for users to select multiple content types both in the Spotlight Search and in the Advanced Search. The search results must conform with user's access rights
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-45119FeatureDesign and deploy the Jive Video provider. By using the provider, users must be able to upload and store videos, captions, and thumbnails with community policies and restriction applied
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-45837FeatureJive Video provider must be able to generate transcriptions, captions, thumbnails, and labels for objects that are found in the video
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-45510FeatureIncorporate the Jive Video provider UI into the Cloud UI supporting video streaming and downloads (and collecting metrics for analytics purposes)
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37604FixDuplicated notifications appear in the News stream when a content item is shared to multiple places
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-38104FixAfter searching for and then opening a document that has a link with a href attribute, clicking on the link does not work (second attempt)
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-38492FixUsers must receive updates from all streams they are subscribed to
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-41856FixOne of the News streams is not displayed to users



    The features in this release – the SNS service (JVCLD-42368) and the K2 Search Service update (JVCLD-42640) – are deployed but disabled. We will make a separate announcement when the features will be enabled.

    Release date: May 15, 2020

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-42368FeatureInternal system messages must be duplicated to AWS SNS without overloading Jive HTTP router
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-42640FeatureDelegate people search functionality to use the same search service as place and content search – the K2 Search Service. This includes updates in working with people index and searching for users from all relevant places in the user interface, the Admin Console, and by using the API
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-36401FixIn the Admin Console, "HTML: HTMLFilter" in Filters & Macros cannot be enabled
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-36496FixOld @mentions to groups are displayed incorrectly
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-36508FixThe Allowed src/href Schemes field settings in the HTML filter is not saved consistently (second attempt)
    Cloud integration needs to limit API calls to one change per call
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37199FixDigest emails are not sent to users
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37203FixSAML SSO metadata is not loaded intermittently when instances are created on AWS
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37290FixCustom HTML header is not displayed on the Community Analytics page
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37294FixWhen a Super Lils tile from one group displays the content from another group, the blog author is displayed incorrectly
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37323FixEmail notifications are not sent when a scheduled blog post is published
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37324FixIn Calendar, the day format is incorrect when the user language is set to German
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37334FixPages with the same name written with different capitalization should have different URL within one place
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37335FixComments with empty lines cannot be posted to shared documents
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37573FixInvisible users must be able to complete Rewards quests after user visibility is set through Jive Person REST API
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37588FixnitroDeactivateUsers task is running when Gamification is turned off
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37597FixFiles are not synced from Box to Jive Box-connected place
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37608FixThumbnail images in news streams do not correspond with images in content
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-37615FixSome @mention notifications become visible in Inbox only after filter for @mentions is applied
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-38181FixFull stop characters should not be allowed in custom profile field names
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-38182FixProfanity filter truncates entries longer than 3,000 characters
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-38499FixIn Jive Daily, push notification about updates in places that are followed through Inbox
    Cloud CoreJVCLD-47258FixPods must be started in less than 10 minutes. Readiness probe must be completed in less than 1 second



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