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    Release date for Jive Daily iOS: September 25, 2019

    Release date for Jive Daily Android: September 28, 2019

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    Jive Daily AndroidJVMBL-8908FixThe original post is shown instead of the latest comment for a followed question or discussion
    Jive Daily AndroidJVMBL-8914FixJive Daily Android log files are empty
    Jive Daily AndroidJVMBL-8917FixCarousel tiles do not show images
    Jive Daily AndroidJVMBL-8920, JVMBL-9639Fix

    The first attempt to download content fails

    Jive Daily iOSJVMBL-8905FixInbox notifications for the place mentions are not sent in Jive Daily Inbox



    Daily - 2019.2

    Release Date: September 5, 2019

    Release Scope: Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes in Jive Cloud 2019.2.3


    Older Releases

    Release notes — Jive Daily for Cloud (2018.1–2019.2)