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    Here you can find information about Jive Hosted and On-Premise (HOP) releases.


    See Jive Hosted and On-Premise Release Schedule  for Target Release Dates.


    Recent Releases

    Hosted / On-Prem Core 9.2

    Release date: January 20, 2020

    Released scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-11984FixApply fix for Java JMX Server Insecure Configuration Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-12738FixApply fix for Apache httpd 2.4.39 vulnerability
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13179FixWhen importing a document with comments, an icon should be displayed next to the text where the comment is embedded
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13184FixInstances with over 100.000 users face excessive database deadlocks
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13185FixDocument preview is not displayed for regular users
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13186FixWhen user profile fields are updated by using the API, values in single-select-lists are deleted
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13187FixInformation in Content Leaderboard report (in Community Manager Reports) differs from the information on the UI
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13189FixUsernames of members of private groups should not be visible
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13190FixAdding more subscriptions by using the /publications/{publicationID} does not work
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13191FixGenerated and concatenated JavaScript bundles do not contain all javascript on certain nodes in a cluster
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13192FixFailed text extraction causes failed items in content search index rebuild process
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13193FixWhen adding a profile filter for a stream, the AND operator is removed after saving the filter
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13196FixEmails are not generated for invites to private events
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13197FixAfter setting Jive system property to an incorrect Cron expression, Jive is not able to start
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13447FixA new SharePoint connector cannot be configured in the Admin Console
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13448Fix"Version", "Last modified date", and "Last modified" parameters for files modified in SharePoint are not synced back to Jive
    Hosted / On-Prem Core




    After upgrade to 9.0.7 existing users are not visible until they log in to Jive.

    After the upgrade, you need to manually reindex users. For details, see Reindexing user search.

    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13469FixDocuments do not appear in the search results and cannot be re-indexed
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13899FixJPG images cannot be added to content or used as profile images
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14193FixThe Upgrade Console is not accessible by using a browser
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15202FixWhen a document is updated on the SharePoint side, a new revision of the document should be created on the Jive side
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15360FixAll document versions that exist on the SharePoint side should be also present on the Jive side
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-5352FixHigh traffic between Core database and webapps is noticed when webhooks are enabled
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-12243FixWhen a user pins Your View in a desktop browser, they cannot access Inbox from a mobile browser
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-12755FixOn Oracle 11g databases, when activities are captured with Records Retention, ORA-08177 errors are logged
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13107FixLDAP connection cannot be saved due to encryption key error
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14060FixUsers cannot view discussions with replies marked as helpful when the acclaim.unhelpful.enabled system parameter is set to true
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14279,
    EnhancementImproved LDAP sync performance by 3.16x
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14665FixWhen reading content with JAWS, it only says "Go to link title" rather than the name of the referenced content item
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14666FixDocument content type cannot be deactivated in places
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14669FixErrors are logged while moving documents to other places
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14671FixDocument content type cannot be removed from selection in Group Features and Activity when configuring places
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14686FixUpdates from followed discussion do not appear in custom streams
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14688FixWhen uploading files, files that are added by using drag and drop are not uploaded
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15048FixUpdates from followed content items do not appear in custom streams
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15049FixNotifications about projects created in a group are not displayed in custom streams
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15201FixTwo-factor authentication cannot be enabled in Jive 9.1.0
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15277FixThe Add-On Ext Props cannot be created by using Jive API
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15290FixMultiple file upload fails with a JavaScript error
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15864FixOutgoing SMTP server with SSL configured is not working
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15866FixRecords Retention is not working with SMTP server with SSL configured
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-16412FixSharePoint connection details cannot be updated
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-7077FixUploaded binary files are not saved as drafts
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-11940FixPagination not working on All Places (/places) page
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-12246FixExternal bookmarks cannot be opened after upgrade
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-12605FixEmail configured with SSL/TLS stops working after upgrade
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-12845FixAn external link cannot be opened from an email notification when the URL subdirectory is the same for the Jive community and the link
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13106FixJive Anywhere cannot be downloaded in latest Chrome versions
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13547FixEvents attendee list duplicates entries when there are more than 25 attendees
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-13578FixUse Small Menu label in Create menu must be corrected
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14163FixPerformance issues are noticed intermittently
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14204FixJive 9.1.0 cannot connect to Azure databases
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14715FixWhen using a mobile browser, Posted Date under discussion title should be fully visible
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14716FixVideo cannot be published to specific people only
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14717FixSuper List tile works incorrectly when filtering by category whose title has special characters
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14726FixBlog posts should be displayed in Recent Content widget
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14737FixInconsistent number of @mentions on web app nodes
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14740FixHTML widget is rendered incorrectly after upgrade to Jive 9.0.5
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14744FixProfile images are missing after upgrade to Jive 9.0.4
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15007FixEvents do not retain category selection made while changing publishing location
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-15324FixIn User Adoption report (Community Manager Reports), the Total Users value of the last day shown in the daily graph should match the Total Users value at the bottom of the report
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-17170FixAngle brackets in link text are displayed incorrectly in the text editor
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-17181FixUsers should be able to correctly delete documents
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-17495FixAutomatic Jive upgrade fails on MySQL 5.7
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreCUSTOM-703EnhancementTwo-factor authentication (2FA): Adds support for two-factor authentication
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreCUSTOM-989EnhancementPassword complexity: Adds support for requiring complex passwords in registrations, password resets, password changes
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreCUSTOM-1478EnhancementPassword expiration: When enabled, users passwords will have an expiration date, after which the user will need to set a new password for their Jive account
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreCUSTOM-1632EnhancementKey management: Adds support for AWS Key Management Service
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreCUSTOM-2927FixRecord Retention events and metadata: The list of events and metadata retained by the Records Retention module is expanded
    Hosted / On-Prem CoreJVHOPST-14458FixRecent Content does not display timestamps after language is changed in user preferences


    Update summary:

    • February 14, 2020: Added the JVHOPST-14458 issue.
    • April 3, 2020: Shared Document Conversion Service update for Hosted. For details, refer to the Document Conversion DC- section below.


    Document Conversion DC-

    This release affects only Hosted customers who are using the Shared Document Conversion Service. For On-Premise customers, these changes will be included in the 9.3 release.

    Release date: April 3, 2020

    Released scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    Hosted: Shared Document Conversion ServiceJVHOPST-16460FixThe Document Converter service is not generating previews for any non-PDF uploaded files



    Release date: September 2, 2019

    Release scope: Performance Improvements and Fixed Issues in Jive Hosted on Premise 9.1.0


    Jive Hosted on Premise

    Release date: July 11, 2019

    Release scope: Performance Improvements and Fixed Issues in Jive Hosted on Premise



    Older Releases

    Release Notes – Jive Hosted on Premise (9.0.0–9.1.0)