Version 5

    Steps to configure GDPR add-on

    1. Go to Jive UI > Avatar Menu > Add-on.

    2. Upload the latest version of the add-on by selecting Upload Package > Choose File and then click on Install Now.

    GDPR Add-on is installed successfully!

    To add User Group to the GDPR Addon

    3. Go to Jive Admin Console > People > Create User Group.

    e.g. JEP_GDPR_Addon Workflow (or any name). Members in this Group will be enabled to access/ edit the GDPR Addon.

    4. Add members to the User Groups as relevant.

    5. Go to Avatar Menu > Add-on and select the <gear> icon at the end of the GDPR Add-on row. Click on Settings.

    6. Here, click on the Apps Security > <gear> icon beside:

    • Anonymize Users: Remove "All Registered Users" and add the group name created in Step 3.

    7. Click on Save and Activate.


    To set the GDPR Anonymization criteria for automatically Anonymizing Users

    8. Click on Configure Now..In the Configure "GDPR Add-On screen that appears, configure the settings as per the description provided for each Criteria (e.g. Anonymize Users in the screen below. Navigate through the criteria by clicking on the screen number (1, 2, ...).

    9. Click on Save to save the configured GDPR Addon Criteria.


    According to the configured settings of the GDPR Addon criteria, Users are automatically Anonymized as per the defined schedule.
    Note: In the configuration: 1 Day = 24h and not 1 Calendar day.

    Users, whose User-Ids have been provided in the Task Report Users criteria during the GDPR Add-on configuration, will receive a Notification in their Inbox listing the Users, who have been Anonymized via automated Anonymization.


    To manually Anonymize Users:

    10. Click on the pencil icon > Anonymize User

    11. The following screen is displayed:


    11a. In this screen, Search the user(s) to be Anonymized by providing their exact and complete username or name or email.

    11b. Or, if the user(s) are already listed on the screen under the column Users available to be Anonymized, then select the concerned user(s) and Add a maximum of upto 10 users to the Users to be Anonymized (Max 10) column.

    12. Select the concerned user name(s) from the left column listing the (deactivated) users meeting the anonymization criteria defined and Add (--->) to the right column.

    13. Next, select Anonymise User.

    On successful Anonymization, the GDPR Add-on overwrites the User Profile values of the Anonymized Users.

    Thereafter, these Users will not be visible via "Admin Console > People > Search Users" under their original Username.

    14. Profile fields are overwritten by the GDPR Add-on according to the following logic:


    Profile FieldField Value after Anonymization
    UsernameuserTemplate.setUsername(RandomStringUtils.randomAlphabetic(10) + userToBeAnonymized.getID());
    E-MailuserTemplate.setEmail(RandomStringUtils.randomAlphabetic(10) + userToBeAnonymized.getID() + "@localhost")
    First NameFirst Name
    Last NameLast Name
    Other Profile Fields: alphanumericProfile Field Name
    Other Profile Fields: numeric123456789
    Other Profile Fields: datecurrent date
    Other Profile Fields: multi-selectnone selected
    Other Profile Fields: single selectremains unchanged
    Other Profile Fields: URLJive instance URL
    Other Profile Fields: Booleanremains unchanged