Version 6

    Steps to configure Advanced Search Tile

    1. Go to Jive Admin Console > Avatar Menu > Add-ons > Upload Package. Upload the Advanced Search Tile zipped file.

    2. Click Install Now.

    3. Go to the installed apps and verify that JEP: Advanced Search Tile is now available.

    JEP Advanced Search Tile is installed successfully!      

    4. Select the Place (Group/Space) where this tile is to be configured.

    5. Go to the relevant Page and Edit it.

    6. Click on Add a Tile.

    7. Select Categories > External Add-ons > JEP: Advanced Search Tile.

    The Advanced Search Tile Settings screen is displayed as shown below:

    5. Click on the gear icon in the top right to access the different options to configure the Advanced Search Tile.


    6. Configure the General Settings and Search Option settings.

    General Settings

    Specify the Title of the tile.


    Enable Display tile title? to enable the tile title.

    State the Headline and set Headline Alignment.

    Detail the Description and set the Description Alignment in this section.

    Enable Display headline and description on the same line? so both can appear together if required.

    Set the Background image and Background position next.

    Also, set the Padding and using the Color Selector, choose the Text Color.

    Define the Action Link particulars by providing an Action Label and an Action URL

    Enable Open link in new window? to open Action URL in a new window and set Action Alignment.


    For configuring the Action Button, specify the Action colors for Text color with its Background color.

    Also, where required, select the Hover text color with its Hover background color.

    Enable Use a flatter button to display a normal Action button. 


    Click on SAVE GENERAL SETTINGS at the bottom of the screen anytime to save the specified configurations for General Settings.

    Search Options

    Specify the Design options settings:

    - specify Placeholder text that can be displayed as default text to guide the user e.g. "Start Typing".

    - provide Label text, which will be displayed on the Tile to screen readers

    - select Style, to display the Search feature with Spotlight or Hero effect.

    - using the Color Picker, select Link color

    - specify Number of results and set the number of Columns to display the search results.

    In the multi-column layout, the results are displayed row-wise i.e. from left to right.

    Select the desired Content types for the search results.

    Enable the Show search filters? to display the various content types to use.\

    Select the places or sub-spaces to search content from or enable to search from the entire community.

    Set an external site for search purposes in the Jive Community by providing Link text and Link URL.


    Click on SAVE SEARCH SETTINGS at the bottom of the screen to save the specified configurations for the Tile Search options configured.


    Click on to CONTINUE to configure the Tile further.

    7. Click on SAVE TILE SETTINGS  to save the defined configurations for the Advanced Search Tile

    Advanced Search Tile is configured successfully!



    Configuration of Advanced Search Tile - ExampleSettings

    General Settings:

    • Tile Title: Title for JEP Advanced Search Tile
    • Display Tile Title: <Enabled>
    • Headline: Headline of Tile can be mentioned here (centrally aligned)
    • Description: Description of Tile (this is left aligned)
    • Background Image URL


    Search Settings:

    • Design Options > Placeholder Text: Enter search text here
    • Style: Spotlight

    General Settings:

    • Headline: Quick search in our Community!
    • Background Image URL


    Search Settings:

    • Design Options > Placeholder Text: Looking for ...
    • Style: Hero