Version 3

    Here you can find the historical account of Jive Cloud Integrations releases from version 2019.2.3 forward.

    Integrations 2.5.0

    Release date: November 15, 2019

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-4301FixWhen configuring Jive Skype for Business connector, some of the fields are duplicated in the Phone field box
    UC connectorsJVFINTG-3787FixWhen creating WebEx meetings, Submit button is not working in Internet Explorer 11
    UC connectorsJVFINTG-3794FixA Jabber and Skype chat is not initiated when trying to publish a Jive question to the chat
    UC connectorsJVFINTG-3797Fix

    When scheduling WebEx meetings, the start meeting and other options at the bottom of the screen are not visible, if screen resolution is 1920x1080

    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3564FixIn the Urgent Notification Status chart, notification status has wrong reply count
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3565FixUrgent Notification Status table is showing only the first nine alerts
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3812FixUrgent notifications cannot be created
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-3822FixError alert should be displayed next to Urgent Notifications add
    Urgent NotificationsJVFINTG-4075FixA user who is not a member of a group should not get an urgent notification alert



    Release date: October 25, 2019

    Release scope:

    ComponentIssue keyTypeSummary

    With WebEx connector, when creating a WebEx meeting from Jive, all specified options must be correctly set up for the meeting


    After integrating a Jive place with SharePoint, permissions must be synced properly on Sharepoint integrated site

    IntegrationsJVFINTG-3599FixWith SharePoint Online and Office 365 add-on, after renaming a content item on Jive side to include special characters, the item is correctly synced to SharePoint but returns error on Jive side
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-3601FixWith SharePoint Online and Office 365 add-on, user account synchronization to SharePoint fails if the user has been given permissions to a Sharepoint-connected group via Admin Console
    IntegrationsJVFINTG-3602FixJabber connector is not working in Internet Explorer 11


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