Jive Product Ideation Process and FAQ

Version 4

    Your ideas are important to creating great products. We use Jive's own Ideation Module on Jivespace to help you share and improve on ideas and vote for the ones that will add the most value.


    We review feedback from our customers and prospects as part of planning every product release. Here's an overview of our process, to give you a sense of who does what and what you can expect:


    Ideation Process Diagram.png


    The fine print


    You have awesome ideas. But, we make no guarantees that they will be added to our product roadmap, as we must balance community input with Jive Software’s strategic direction. However, we greatly value our community’s collective brain power, and will continue to work with all of you to innovate at Jive.


    If we use your idea, we own it. However, you’ll be compensated with the fact that your awesome idea is in our awesome product.


    Jive Support is no longer in the feature request business. Support will point you back here, and requests submitted as support cases will no longer be formally reviewed. Please post your request as an idea or vote and comment on existing ideas. Rally your fellow community members to get more votes and push your ideas to the top.


    Patience is a virtue. Submissions will be reviewed on an on-going, ad hoc basis. They will be more formally reviewed as part of our normal release planning cycle, which is approximately every six months. We will let you know how things are going from time to time, but you can always check what stage your idea is in any old time you want.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    What will happen to the feature requests I've already submitted as a discussion or a Support ticket?

    Rest assured, we have them. But, if you'd like the community's votes to get your idea in the list of top ideas (hint: we look at those first), create a new idea, and link to the original discussion for context. Then, let your network know about it and ask them to vote on it, refine it, evolve it, make it more awesome.


    Can I still share my ideas by creating a discussion thread in the Feature Discussion area?

    Yes, but Jive will not be formally reviewing them as part of our process. We suggest that you first search and vote for existing ideas, and then submit a new idea if yours hasn't been submitted yet. Feel free to continue to use discussions for, well, discussing things that aren't ideas.


    Can I still submit requests for new features and improvements in a Support ticket?

    You can, but more than likely, you'll be asked to go to the Feature Discussion area and submit them as an idea. This is good for you because there's a better opportunity for the community to add more weight to your idea, and because the stages will give you more insight into where your idea stands. It's good for us because votes are easier to count than +1s and because we can review everything in one place. Posting feature requests as ideas here is win-win.


    How do I submit a new idea?

    Visit the Feature Discussion community (this one), and click Create an Idea on the left. Or, no matter where you are in Jivespace, click New -> Idea, then select Feature Discussion and submit away.


    Where can I see a list of submitted ideas?

    Visit the Feature Discussion community, and click the Ideas tab. Comment and vote away!


    What do the numbers next to an idea's title mean?

    That is the idea's overall score. For each "up" vote, 5 points are added to the idea's overall score. For each "down" vote, 5 points are subtracted from the overall score.


    What are all the idea stages?
    • Open for voting: vote on these!
    • Needs community input: ideas in this stage need clarification or more feedback from the community to help us determine how best to proceed
    • Delivered: it's in a shipping version of the product today
    • Coming soon: we're working on it and you'll see it in an upcoming release
    • Planned: on our roadmap, but not in the next release
    • Not planned: not all ideas fit our product or strategy and we'll do our best to let you know if something isn't likely to be in a future release


    When will I hear about the status of the ideas?

    We review ideas on an on-going, ad hoc basis and more formally as part of our normal release planning process, which is approximately every six months. We will let you know how things are going from time to time, but you can check the stage of a specific idea any time you want.


    Can I be upset with you if my idea doesn't make it into the next release?

    You can, but we really hope you don't! There is always much more to do than there is time. We'd appreciate it if you could be constructive when expressing your concerns. Also, please check out the whole process above to get an idea (ha!) of what to expect.


    Where can I ask more questions about this whole thing?

    You can ask any questions in the Feature Discussion area, and we'll get you an answer soon.