Version 7


    Jive Software offers chat to connect your community. Jive Software has brought instant messaging integration between Jive SBS and IBM Lotus Sametime. By installing Jive Connects for IBM Sametime, community users can discover each other's presence status and initiate chats via the community user interface. Users' IM presence is easily discoverable from several locations such as the user profile, user profile hover, and the chat bar. The chat bar makes it even easier to find the people you wish to chat with by showing which users shown on the current page are online, as well as which of your community connections (such as people you're following) and friends are online.

    Jive Connects for IBM Sametime enables you to:

    • Speed up collaboration through seamlessly integrating enterprise IM

    • See who's online and initiate chat from within Jive SBS

    • Extend your enterprise IM investment

    Jive Connects for IBM Lotus Sametime integrates with the IBM Lotus Sametime chat server and requires that each user has a Lotus Sametime Connect client installed. Starting an IM conversation with these individuals is made simple via a one-click action, which begins a conversation with the other party via the chatting users' pre-installed Lotus Sametime Connect clients.


    Installation, setup, management and general use information is all detailed in our online documentation.

    IBM Lotus Sametime 5.0.5 - Jive 5.0.5

    11.29.2012  Updated plugin release compatible with Jive 5.0.5


    IBM Lotus Sametime 5.0.4 - Jive 5.0.4

    8.28.2012  Updated plugin release compatible with Jive 5.0.4


    IBM Lotus Sametime 4.5 - Jive 4.5

    6.7.2010  New plugin release compatible with Jive 4.5.x