Version 5

    Text Message Alerting Service


    This is a very handy service that I found on WidgetBox that I saw a lot of different use cases for in a lot of different social networking circles.  Users subscribe to alerts of their interest, and the administrator/ creator of that alert can send messages of updates, events, or other alerting activities.


    Widget Basics

    This widget is very easy to customize from an administrative perspective, and very easy to subscribe to and use from a user perspective. This is a free service from OffeRush which an administrator can manage with no more information released than a user name and a password.


    How to Use SMS Widget

    1. The administrator will create a profile on OffeRush so they can easily manage their sending and receiving activities. 

    1. The administrator will create an alert (once logged in) and make note of the Alert ID (NOTE: carefully create your alerts, because OffeRush will not allow you to make changes once your alert is created.)

      • The Alert ID will be used in WidgetBox to Customize the Alert

    2. Once the desired alert is created, the administrator will customize the look and feel properties of the Widget at WidgetBox (search under Free Mobile Alert)

        • Enter your Alert ID and customize any of the desired properties here.

        • Properties can also be altered for customizations in Facebook Applications using OffeRush.

    Once your alert is created and customized, click "Get Widget" at the bottom of the page, and be sure to grab the JavaScript version (NOT the Flash Version).  This is the code you need to bring the text feature into Clearspace.


    Whats Included


    • text-output.ftl

    • build.xml


    • freesms.jar

    • plugin.xml


    Clearspace Implementation

    The below screen-shots give you an idea of what the final output can look like on your dashboard. 

    NOTE The sidebar display of this widget is not correctly interpreted because the version that you grab from WidgetBox cannot be altered in size.  Please keep this in mind when displaying alerts on your dashboard. 


    Screen-shot of widget in the "Personalize" mode (rendered)


    NOTE The Code that is required to add this widget to your Dashboard is very minimal, so implementation of many alerts is a very simple process

    Screen-shot of widget in "Personalize/ Edit" mode (being customized)


    Future Ideas

    I can see a lot of varying degrees of future implementation of this functionality; some of these include:

    • Clearspace capturing the same functionality and making the service available as an out of the box solution. 

    • Integrating the ability to customize all widget properties from within Clearspace (as well as the ability to create other alerts)

    • Implementation of social tagging of Alerts to promote the service (Users who subscribed to this alert also subscribe to:__________)

    • *Please post your ideas if you have more future ideas to bring into consideration for future *improvements.