Version 5

    Squidoo-Plexo for Ranking!

    The Plexo Plugin includes a macro and a widget. 

    The Plexo Macro allows you to embed a Plexo poll into a Clearspace document; the Plexo widget allows you to display a Plexo poll on your dashboard.  Both require that you first create a Plexo or use an existing one that comes from


    Potential Uses of the Plexo

    *You could create a document for a specific group to get their feedback about a certain subject by posting a poll

    *Create a high profile pole on the Homepage as an administrator of your workspace.

    Screenshot of the macro being rendered inside a document:


    What's Included

    Java Source





    • plexo-output.ftl

    • plexo-outputPreview.ftl

    Plugin Essentials

    • build.xml

    • plugin.xml


    • Plexo.jar

    • PlexoREADME.htm


    Installation & Usage

    • Like Most Clearspace Plugins, you install Plexo through the Admin Console; navigate to System > Plugins > Add Plugin, and browse for the JAR file.

    • Poll users or groups about certain topics by adding a Plexo Poll to documents, discussions, or Clearspace homepage; create high visibility, or target the specific groups that the Plexo most directly affects.

    • You can use the Squidoo for:


    • Linked List Voting


    • Plain Text Voting


    • You Tube Voting



    • Only one Plexo Poll can exist on the Homepage or within a document; does not support multiple instances on the same page

    • The voting requires a Squidoo account; you are asked to login before you can alter the poll; the results of the votes are public to everyone. 


    Future Improvements

    • We hope to add the functionality to allow multiple Plexo polls on the same page/ in the same document.

    • If possible, we would like to create a way to make some polls anonymous.


    Widget Screenshots

    These are photos of the widget on the Dashboard of Clearspace


    Plexo View in Personalize Edit properties mode


    Plexo on the Dashboard (Large Container)


    Plexo on the Dashboard (Small Container)