Support Community FAQ

Version 40

    Welcome to the Jive Support Community!

    This document provides our customers with the information necessary to receive support from Jive Software.  Jive's Support Community is an instance of Jive where customers can file cases, store related documents, and participate in projects.  It is also where you can give feedback about the Support Community itself.  Cases typically consist of problems, questions, bugs, or feature requests.  Projects are created by our Professional Services department.


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    How do I get access to my company's group?

    A current group member or Jive employee must invite you to join the group.  If you are not sure who to ask for an invitation, email


    If you are invited to join a group, log in to before following the link in the email invitation.


    If you do not yet have a Jive Community account, create an account here, registering with the address the invitation was sent to.  Then follow the link sent in the email invitation and click on Join this Group.


    Alternatively, once you've created a Jive Community account and are logged in, you can go to Actions to view and accept your group invite.


    Approval by your company's administrator is required.


    How do I grant access to my company group?

    To add others click on Invite from the Actions menu in your group.  You may either search for a Jive Community account or just enter an email address.


    How do I find my company group?

    Log in, then go to Get Help > My Jive Group and select it from the list.



    How do I get my licenses and downloads?

    They are in the My Jive Licenses App.  Users must be registered and logged in to see this.


    How do I contact Jive?

    Please submit a case.


    How do I create a case?  And what are all these fields?


    In your company group, choose Case from the Actions menu.


    Read Case Details Documentation and Best Practices for specifics on creating a new case.  The document is also linked from each new case form.


    How will I know when Jive has responded?

    If you create a new case, you will receive a Watch email when a reply is posted, and an item will appear in your Inbox here on the Jive Community.  For any case not created by you, use the Receive Email Notifications link In the Actions menu on the right hand side of the page.  Or, click Follow and click the Inbox checkbox to receive notifications here on the Jive Community  To receive Watches for all content in your company group, use the Receive Email Notifications link in the Actions menu on the Overview tab.  To manage your Email Notifications Preferences, go to Menu > Preferences.


    How do I reply to a case?

    You can either reply within the Support Community, or reply to your Watch email.  If you are replying within the Support Community, please remember to change the status to Waiting on Jive.  This will alert Support that you have updated your case.  If you are only adding information and need more time to respond, please do keep the status as Waiting on Customer.  If the issue has been resolved, it should be marked as Closed.


    Who can see our company group?

    Company groups are Secret, so only Jive employees and the group's members can see the content or view it in the Groups list.


    How do I ask about my account if I don't have access to my company's group?

    Please email for assistance.


    What next?

    We recommend you read the Support Community Best Practices document to familiarize yourself with the best ways to give us what we need to better solve your cases.



    Please let us know if you encounter any problems within the Support Community or if you have any suggestions for how we can improve your experience.