Version 6

    This document covers in specific detail the different events that are available in the analytics database.


    Event (AnalyticsEventCode)


    Log In (160)

    This is fired every time a user logs in.  This includes when an account is first created and when a user bridges a piece of content.

    Log Out (161)
    This is fired every time someone explicitly clicks the "log out" link.  It will not be fired when a user's session automatically expires.


    Offline (150)
    This should be every time a user logs out or their session expires.  However, there are known bugs with this event and these statistics should be ignored.


    View (10)
    Views are counted for all content types and all primary  containers (spaces, projects, and social groups), and profile pages.   For containers, this includes any of the tabs within a container.  It  does not include editing the container, viewing group members, etc.  This will also be fired any time an attachment is downloaded.  Views to the home page are considered a view of the root community.


    Delete (30)
    Fires when any major content type, poll, project, social group, blog, space, announcement, user, avatar, task, message (from a discussion), comment, bookmark, or attachment is deleted.  It will also be fired if a user relationship is removed.  Note that blogs are containers within spaces, social groups, and projects.  If a space that has a blog is deleted, the delete event will be fired for each of those.  Deleting a container will also fire the delete events for all of the content within that container.


    Undelete (80)
    This is used by Documents.  If a  document is deleted, an Admin can find and un-delete the document.


    Create (20)

    Fires when any major content type, message (reply to a thread), announcement, space, project, social group, blog, user account, relationship/friendship, bookmark, attachment, comment, or user avatar is created.


    Modify (40)
    Fires when any major content type, announcement, space (such as changing its name), project, social group, bookmark, user profile, or user avatar is modified.  For content, this includes editing the post or tags of the post.  For containers, this only includes when the title, description, or tags are modified.  This will also be fired if the community organization chart is modified.


    Copy (60)
    This is an event reserved for custom content types.  It is not used by the core SBS code.


    Move (70)
    Fired when any major content type or space is moved.  This can fire for a blog for one specific scenario: if a community that has a blog is being merged into another community that does not already have a community.

    Send (120)
    This is only fired by Private Messages.  This is not fired by sending emails.


    Associate (200) & Dissociate (210)
    This is used when a member joins/leave a group.  It is also used when a tag is added/removed from a piece of content.


    Validate (230)
    This is only fired when a registering users validates their email address.


    Approve (130)

    This is only fired when a user accepts a "friendship" request.


    Reject (240)
    This is only fired when a user rejects a "friendship" request.


    Aided (290)
    This is only fired when a question (discussion) is marked as "helpful".

    Resolved (300)
    This is only fired when a question is marked as "answered".


    Search Content (170)
    This is fired any time someone lands on the search results page.


    Search Users (180)
    This is only fired when someone searches on the Browse > People page.


    Spotlight Search (190)
    This will get fired every time "spotlight search" results appear.  These are the results that appear before you hit enter in search results.  Note that this can get fired multiple times per search if the user changes their search terms after spotlight search results have already appeared.  For example, if you type tes into the search bar, results will appear, if you add another t, more results will appear.  This is 2 spotlight search events.


    Follow (270) & Unfollow (280)
    This is fired every time someone follows/unfollows a container or user.  This is slightly different than "receive email notifications".


    • "Any major content type" includes discussions, blog posts, documents, and videos.
    • Almost all of these events are available to custom content types (plugins) via the ContentEvent abstract class.
    • These details were derived from the 4.0 code base, and may slightly differ in different versions of SBS.