Version 7

    1.  What to Expect from the Online Course


    This online training course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Jive SBS administration and management. You'll find it helpful to use the  application for a while before attempting to dive into administrative  tasks. This will give you a much better perspective on the types of  things that will require management and administration.


    For a quick primer, please review the Jive SBS Quick Tour documentation and also watch the videos in the Jive 4.5 User Training Course


    This course is self-paced, and can be accessed as often as you like. If possible, set aside a couple hours at a time for each section of the course. This will give you enough time to watch the videos, read through the tutorials and work through the step-by-step lab exercises.


    You're encouraged to ask questions along the way by posting a discussion in this training course or in the Education community, which is closely monitored by expert Jive instructors. It's also a good idea to review the questions that have been posted to the community by other users.


    2.  Getting Started


    Admin Console Introduction


    Watch these videos for a quick introduction to the admin console and several features that are new to version 4.5.


    Admin Console Introduction

    New SBS 4.5 Admin Console Features


    Site Access and Administrative Permissions


    Before you can start administering spaces and exploring the Jive SBS admin console, you'll need access to a running instance of the application - either from a pilot/UAT site or your production site.


    You'll also need to have administration permissions assigned to your user account in order to access the admin console, which your system administrator should be able to help you configure. For assistance with assigning administrative permissions and for information on what levels of permissions are available, please read the Managing Administrative Permissions tutorial.


    Once you've been assigned administrative permissions for a space or the system, you'll see an "Admin Console" menu under "Your Stuff" on the user bar.  You can also get to the admin console by entering "admin" in the browser after the application portion of the URL.  For example, if your application name was then you'd enter the following url to access the admin console:

   (replace with your site's URL)


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