Jive 4.5 Admin Training Course Overview

Version 5

    Learn how to manage and administer Jive 4.5.


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    Please review the topics covered in the Jive 4.5 User Training Course before attempting this course.


    Course Agenda


    1. Getting Started
    • Course Overview
    • Site and User Account Requirements
    • How to Open the Admin Console
    4. User Administration
    • Manage User Accounts
    • Manage User Groups
    • Configure User Settings
    2. Space Administration and Permissions
    • Create Public and Private Spaces
    • Manage Space Layouts with Widgets
    • Change Permissions
    • Understand Spaces vs Groups
    5. System Administration
    • Configure System Properties
    • View Site Logs
    • Audit Admin Activity
    • Track Database Queries
    • Modify Email Templates
    3. Content Administration
    • Manage Discussions and Documents
    • Configure Discussion Alerts and Document Approvers
    • Set up Moderation and Abuse Reporting