Version 5

    Jive Widget Studio is no longer available for download so as to make way for the new Jive Apps Market available in Jive 5. For any questions please leave a comment below. Thanks to everyone who tested out Widget Studio and provided valuable feedback!




    Overview of this module


    With the recent launch of Jive’s 4.5 platform,  Jive has embraced the OpenSocial standard to make it easy to embed many OpenSocial-compliant widgets into Jive instances. Jive Widget Studio -- a free plugin for Jive 4.5 --  takes advantage of this functionality to allow each and every user to customize his or her Jive experience with purpose-built, useful widgets.


    With Jive Widget Studio community members are empowered to find widgets, make widgets or get widgets from other users in their community.


        * Finding widgets: One way that users will be able to make use of widgets is by plucking a widget or two from the Jive Widget Gallery -- a curated list of widgets provided exclusively by Jive -- and adding them to his or her Jive instance. This route gives users a quick jolt of functionality and content without the burden of creating a widget of their own. Available widgets include Advertising Age, Car and Driver, and HR World news.

        * Making widgets: For those users with the vision of what they want, Jive Widget Studio also provides a series of highly customizable templates to make widgets of their own. Users can bring in RSS feeds, Twitter, Vimeo and other external sources as well as create custom countdown, survey forms, and photo galleries (see screenshot above).

        * Getting widgets from other users in their community: Finally, users have the ability to share their widgets with other members of their community by including widgets in public groups, spaces, and projects. With two simple clicks other users can grab your shared widget and use it themselves.




    Installation, setup, management and general use information is all detailed in our online documentation.