Version 4

    This is the list of questions I ask when onboarding a new community within a social business software platform (such as the Jive Community). This list was developed by Jive Strategy Consulting. If you have suggestions for improving this list, please comment!


    Business Objectives


    1. Why do you want to launch a community? What are your business objectives?
    2. How  are you achieving that objective today, without a community? Describe  any processes, and tools used to try to achieve it. What's the "from"  you want to leave behind?
    3. How do you envision achieving  those objectives with a community? Describe the new processes, and any  specific features you envision using.  What's the "to" you want become?
    4. What are the benefits to your members? To your division/department/team/group?
    5. What do members want? Complete the sentence, "I want to..." from their perspective.



    Measurement Needs


    1. What will success look like?
    2. How is this measured today?
    3. Who cares about getting reports, and why?
    4. How important is it to prove the value of this community, and to whom?





    1. Who are your key community members?
    2. What are your executives expecting out of this community?
    3. What names come to mind for advocates for your community?
    4. Who might help you manage your community?