Version 4


    This is a plugin which embeds a SOAP client for remote JIRA access. As you can see from the JiraSoapService javadoc, there is quite a lot of functionality available to SOAP clients. However, as of this initial release, this JIRA Plugin only exposes a very basic widget for viewing the output of a user-defined filter within JIRA. In effect, this widget is a lot like Atlassian's own Saved Filters Portlet.


    Installation and Use

    Download the plugin jar attached to this document (or build the jar from source - see below). Follow the instructions in the Clearspace Administrator's manual on installing plugins. Once the plugin is successfully installed, any logged in user can add it to their own custom "Your View" tab, and system and space administrators can add it to the customized overview tabs for individual spaces.


    When configuring the widget, you get a screen like this:


    Picture 1.png


    And the widget in action looks like this:


    Picture 2.png


    Please Note: Until this widget supports caching, be advised that widespread use of this widget on frequently visited pages could lead to high stress on your target JIRA instance. With that in mind, please use at your own risk.




    Source Code


    Issue Tracking

    Jive Software maintains a JIRA instance for tracking issues. The url for this JIRA Plugin is:


    The JIRA plugin is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0