Actions to Take On Analytics - Examples and Explanations

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    It's all very well to talk about taking action on analytics, but deciding what action to take may not be so obvious. Let's generate a library of actions to take in specific situations.


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    Send a Survey

    Ted Hopton, United Business Media


    Create a short survey using a tool such as Survey Monkey (my personal favorite) and send it to people whose activity in the community has increased. Here's an example showing the questions we use: Survey Questions: UBM Increased Member Contribution Activity.

    Send a Personal Email

    Sometimes I'll send a personal email to a community member when either their data or survey response indicates there's an opportunity to be seized. If there's something really positive, I'll reach out with praise and thanks, asking to learn more about what they are doing. If there's a complaint or a question, I'll reach out directly to mitigate the issue or answer the question, often suggesting resources or offering assistance.