Survey Questions: UBM Increased Member Contribution Activity

Version 2


    These are the survey questions we are using for members whose contribution activity has increased. We use slight variations of the first question to survey people whose overall activity or consumption activity has increased. The name of our internal community is the UBM Wiki.

    Quickie Wiki Survey

    First, we explain the purpose of the survey and clarify that is it not anonymous:

    We noticed you've been contributing to the UBM Wiki more than in the  past. All of the value of the UBM Wiki comes from community member  participation, so thank you for your contributions!


    Since we're  interested in encouraging people to use and contribute to the wiki more,  we'd like to understand what led to your increased activity so we can  learn how to help others get more value from the wiki.


    There are only four (4) questions, so it will truly be a Quickie Wiki Survey!


    NOTE:  This survey is NOT anonymous. We will learn much more by connecting  your survey responses to your actual level of wiki activity. If you're  not comfortable with this, please opt out in the first question and we  won't pester you with reminders.

    Then we ask them to opt in or opt out:

    Strictly for analysis purposes, we want to connect  your survey responses with your wiki activity level and your UBM  division. We may share your responses with others in UBM who are working on developing our community in the UBM Wiki so that they can learn from your feedback.
    If you do not wish to proceed with the survey, select "No" below and you will end the survey and we won't send you any  reminders to complete it. If you are comfortable having your responses be identifiable as yours, select "Yes" below to continue with  the survey, and thank you very much for sharing!
    No, I do not want to continue with the survey
    Yes, I agree to have my survey responses be personally identifiable

    If they opt in, we thank them and then ask them four questions.

    Thank You for Sharing

    It's in the spirit of the wiki to share, and we appreciate your doing so!


    1. Why have your contributions to the UBM Wiki community increased? (Includes creating, modifying, uploading or rating documents, blogging, participating in discussions, making comments, and voting in polls)


    2. How have you been able to use the UBM Wiki to accomplish things better/easier/faster?


    3. What prevents you from using the UBM Wiki more?



    4. On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend using the UBM Wiki to a colleague?
    (The higher the number, the more likely you would recommend it.)
    Please tell us more: (there is a comment box shown on the 4th question, as well).
    If they opt out, we thank them and stop sending reminders to complete the survey:
    You have chosen to opt out of the Quickie Wiki Survey because you are not willing to have your survey responses be personally identifiable. We understand and respect your decision and will not pester you with reminders about this survey.


    A reminder email is scheduled for approximately 48 hours after the initial invitation. We have not had trouble getting many people to respond and agree to have their responses be personally identifiable.