Version 1

    For anyone else who might find it useful, I had to change the /template/decorator/default/header-clickjacking-prevent.ftl to allow SSL to work correctly without redirecting the browser.


        This snippet is used to prevent the application from being embedded into
        an iframe.  This is done to prevent the "clickjacking" exploit.  Details of
        how the exploit is done can be found here -
        If it is absolutely necessary to embed the application into an iframe, then
        this include file should be overridden via a theme to remove the Javascript
        snippet below.
        The result of this snippet will be that if the page detects that it is being
        included in an iframe, it will force the top level page to redirect to the
        page URL proper.
    <script type="text/javascript">
        if (top != self) {
            var isSafeTopUrl = false;
            try {
                var topUrl = top.location.href;
                var topUrlQsIdx = topUrl.indexOf('?');
                if (topUrlQsIdx > 0) {
                    topUrl = topUrl.substring(0, topUrlQsIdx);
                topUrl = topUrl.toLowerCase();
                // Fix https
                if(topUrl.indexOf('https') == 0){
                    topUrl = topUrl.substring(5);
                } else {
                    topUrl = topUrl.substring(4);
                var safeTopUrls = new Array(
                var safeURL;
                for (var i = 0; i < safeTopUrls.length; i++) {
                    safeURL = safeTopUrls[i].toLowerCase();
                    if(safeURL.indexOf('https') == 0){
                        safeURL = safeURL.substring(5);
                    } else {
                        safeURL = safeURL.substring(4);
                    if (safeURL == topUrl) {
                        isSafeTopUrl = true;
            } catch (err) {
            if (!isSafeTopUrl) top.location = location;


    Essentially, this makes the Javascript independent to http or https.