Community Employee Activity Patterns in Large Organizations

Version 6

    Note: This document was created in collaboration with many large, global Jive customers.


    In large, global organizations, several common patterns of community activities tend to emerge. Good practice includes seeding such communities early. Each of these "building block" activities can be applied to one or more Social Business Imperatives.



    Typically in the form of:

    Replaces | Reduces |   Complements

    Newly enables ability to:

    Real-world examples
    General collaboration or communication within a teamDiscussions, either personal (where other people are invited), or in a private group
    • Replaces email threads
    • Reduces time to get answers
    • Have a single place to see the entire conversation chain
    • New people can easily be brought in and see the entire dialog
    • People aren't accidentally dropped off of a conversation by someone forgetting to hit "reply all"
    • Better coordinate activities
    • Product Marketing Team Collaboration

    Project collaboration on tasks within a project team

    Discussions, questions/answers, documents, blog posts in a private group, with multiple projects

    • Replaces one-off emails/IMs/phone calls
    • Reduces project status update conference calls
    • Complete tasks faster
    • See how tasks are accomplished, thereby promoting best practices and knowledge sharing
    • Identify early warning signs if a task is slipping or a team member needs help
    • Software Pilot Launch
    • Marketing Campaign Creatives
    • CRM System Integration (with newly acquired company)

    Project communication to global organization

    Blog in a public group or space

    • Complements intranet news articles about same
    • Be aware of projects across the   organization, thereby reducing duplicative activities an
    • Get help from more people across the organization
    • IT Blog

    • Executive Corner (blog)
    • Product Marketing Blog
    Development/Competency groups to build a profession or set of skills identified as critical to one's businessDiscussions, questions/answers, documents in a public group or space
    • Complements formal HR profession programs
    • Program/Project Manager Competencies
    • Solution Architects Community of Practice
    Product/Solution Development to enable cross functional members to collaborate on new product  ideas/solution development or builiding out a company's Point of ViewDiscussions, ideas, blogs in a public or private group or space
    • Cloud Computing Innovation Group

    Peer support for work tools across globe/region (e.g., MS Office, BlackBerry, etc.)

    Questions/answers in a public group

    • Replaces one-off emails/IMs/phone calls
    • Be more productive when using productivity tools
    • Get help from across the org
    • Excel Tips & Tricks
    • Blackberry Support Group

    Subject Matter Expert Q&A within global/regional communities of practice

    Questions/answers and FAQ documents in a public space

    • Replaces one-off emails/IMs/phone calls
    • Spread knowledge faster and farther across the org
    • Sales Enablement Center

    • Product Knowledge Base

    Organizational unit communication

    Blog in a private or public space

    • Replaces cascaded emails, newsletters over time
    • Find communiqués at any given time
    • More openly converse with   management/peers about communicated topics
    • Corporate Communication Blog

    • HR Blog
    • Territory Sales Blog
    • Executive Corner (blog)

    Individual communities of interest (e.g., well being, photography, volunteerism, being “green”, etc.)

    Discussions, polls, videos in a public group

    • Complements typical HR personal sustainability objectives
    • Develop deeper, trusted working relationships with colleagues, which can lead to more highly performing individuals
    • Photography Club
    • Bicyclers
    • Scuba Diving Enthusiasts
    • Giving Back Locally
    • Apple Fans